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A first foray into the vivid world of audio tours... three voice-over genres collide in a cage match... the class that starts it all... a five-way, pulse-pounding gauntlet of voice-over variety... directing yourself in the whistling winds of solitude... learning voice-over direction from square one... another FREE voice-over workout group, SATURDAY EDITION... an agent-directed reality check for REAL... and a taste of voice acting for A I!

Audio Tour Narration

6:00pm – 9:30pm Wednesdays, August 2 – 23

Director: Peter Dunne

Length: 14-hour four-week workshop

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class homework assignment.

Remember the first time you were transported to another place in time just by listening to an engaging museum audio tour? Learn the art of storytelling with Peter Dunne who has locally cast, directed and produced audio tours for many of the world’s best-known museums and most prestigious exhibits. To expand your audio tour auditioning skills, you’ll read a wide range of copy from scholarly and intellectually demanding narratives to funny scripts for kids. Peter will coach you on getting through the challenges all voice actors face during long sessions including reading cold, taking direction on the fly, handling difficult words and sustaining energy, characters, dialects, concentration and connection to the copy as you describe and tell an imaginative story.





Commercials Vs Cartoons Vs Video Games

6:30pm – 9:30pm Thursdays, August 3 – 24

Directors: Dan Gilvezan, Kemma Filby, Brian Sommer, Samantha Paris

Length: 12-hour four-week workshop

Class Notes: This class can and should be repeated.

The class name remains the same, but everything else has changed. With these three powerhouse instructors and our Founder utilizing their decades of experience to stretch you, this class could be considered a world premiere! This workshop offers you a side-by-side-by-side look at the differences and similarities between commercial, cartoon and video game characters – when to be broad, when to be subtle and real and everything in between. You’ll discover the appropriate lively tone and energy for your Saturday morning characters and learn how to “dial it down” while sustaining the reality and intensity required for video game characters, not to mention developing the funny yet conversational and believable characters that commercial copy demands. You’ll gain a deeper understanding of the nuances of these unique voice-over genres and challenge your versatility which is a good thing since our fearless leader, Samantha Paris, will make her appearance in week four where you’ll show off your new-found skills and whoever is the best all-around performer in all three genres will win a free private lesson with Samantha!




The Beginning Seminar

10:00am – 5:00pm Saturday, August 5; 10:00am – 1:00pm Sunday, August 6

Directors: Vicki Baum, Aaron Miner

Length: 10-hour weekend seminar

Class Notes: None

If you are ready to begin your adventure into voice-over THIS IS THE PLACE TO START! Launch into a weekend packed full of information, performance exercises and FUN! You’ll explore basic voice acting fundamentals including detailed acting choices, script interpretation, microphone technique, monologues, dialogues, improv and video game characters – including playback and feedback of recorded performances, making this class a unique experience in online/hybrid (both in-person and online students in same class) training choices. Get ready to jump in from the very beginning experimenting with partner improv exercises and audience participation guessing games that revolve around making specific acting choices. By the end of the weekend, you’ll have a solid understanding of the voice acting craft, and an awareness of the particular skills and techniques you’ll need to succeed in the current marketplace, and perhaps even a different perspective of who you are and what stories and characters you can create!




Voice-Over Pentathlon

6:00pm – 9:00pm Mondays, August 7 – 28, September 18 (exc. 9/4); 4:00pm – 7:00pm Monday, September 11

Directors: Samantha Paris, Ryan Clark, Kemma Filby, Anna Mathias, Tina Morasco

Length: 18-hour six-week workshop

Class Notes: We’re sure with the cornucopia of Guest Directors involved in this class, there’s bound to be some homework at some point and we’re sure it’ll include recording at home. So, get your home set-up ready to roll!

Do you have the versatility it takes to run this gauntlet? We hope so because that’s the name of the game in today’s voice-over market. Online casting sites are replete with a variety of genre scripts, and few agents are interested in one-trick ponies. This vigorous challenge offers FIVE different teachers with FIVE different lesson plans with a little something here for everyone including commercial, characters and narration (did we mention versatility?) plus a few sweet surprises for you to find out about in the moment, just for fun. What can categorically be affirmed is that each of these top-shelf teachers will challenge you to flex your voice-over muscles into a gold medal-winning performance.




You’re On Your Own: The Art Of Self-Direction

5:00pm – 8:00pm Friday, August 11; 9:00am – 4:00pm Saturday, August 12

Directors: Thom Pinto

Length: 10-hour weekend seminar

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class homework assignment. Students must have home-recording capabilities.

A world-class authority on the intricacies of home auditioning, Thom will guide you through developing a critical ear on playbacks, examining your initial tendencies (good or bad) when left on your own, covering the bases for an audition with no outside direction (minus some likely confusing and unhelpful specs) and finding the best rhythm for auditioning amid demanding day jobs and all the responsibilities that stem from that little thing called life. After class is finished, Thom will provide each student with a customized analysis, a cheat-sheet if you will, based on what he observed in class to keep you on the right path as you record at home and enable you to produce consistently impressive home auditions all on your own. Now that home auditioning is here to stay, this course is more relevant than ever!




Introduction To Directing

9:30am – 12:30pm Saturday, August 19

Directors: Samantha Paris

Length: 3-hour lab

Class Notes: None

Whaaaat? A direction class in the Beginning section of the catalogue? You better believe it! There is no time like the present to start your expedition into one of the most important skills for working voice actors: self-direction. And there is literally no one better on the planet than our intrepid Founder, Samantha Paris, to help you take those first steps. Learning the basics of self-direction will not only give you insight into what is ultimately going to be expected of you in those more advanced classes, but it will add value to any class you take in the meantime, as you will hopefully be silently directing your fellow students along with the instructor. A class within a class. Neat.




The Pay-It-Forward Parlour

10:00am – 1:00pm Saturday, August 19 (Time zone friendly!)

Directors: YOU and your fellow students (and perhaps a Guest Director will pop in!)

Length: 3-hour lab, monthly

Class Notes: None

There’s seriously never been something so “for everyone” in the 35-year history of Voicetrax. We really mean it: Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced/Working Professional students, even Alumni! E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E. is invited. This special lab was born from our desire to give back to our Voicetrax family and provides the virtual “bricks-and-mortar” for a FREE monthly workout group. For one day each month we are opening one of our Zoom channels for you to remotely drop in and work on whatever kind of script you choose including dialogues as we utilize breakout rooms for partners to practice in private. You’ll get the opportunity to receive performance feedback from your fellow students as well as providing constructive critiques of your own, which we all know very specifically helps with the ever-important self-direction skills necessary for success. Learn and have fun in a casual environment. And did we mention there could just maaaybe be a surprise pop-in by an elite Voicetrax Guest Director? Guess you’ll just have to show up to find out!




The All-Too-Real Reality Check

6:30pm – 9:30pm Saturday, August 26; 10:00am – 5:00pm Sunday, August 27

Director: LA Agent

Length: 10-hour weekend seminar

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class homework assignment. Students must have home recording capabilities.

It’s time to get real, people… no, reeeeally real… a competitive, professional kind of real. And there is NO ONE better for that assignment than our sublime Agent R from The City of Angels. Following our popular Reality Check brand of classes, this new animation edition will be jam-packed with feedback on your home-recorded performances. Straight-forward, precise but thorough, our super experienced instructor will open your eyes to the multitude of ways to tackle animation.





One Night Wonder: A I Voices

5:00pm – 8:00pm Wednesday,  August 30

Director: Brian Sommer

Length: 3-hour lab

Class Notes: This course includes a pre-class homework assignment.

With the development of voices actually created by computers, where do voice actors fit in the AI cosmos? How do you actually do AI voices? Fear not, the good news is computers can’t act! Brian will help you through the examinations of: should your voice be robotic or sound like Siri or just sound like a normal person? And how do you find range in your AI audition? Ironically, how do you bring AI voices to life? All these pressing questions and so much more will be covered in this lab. You’ll dig into the exploration of the subtle nuances necessary to bring the computer, robot, high-tech aliens, whatever they think of next, etc., etc., etc. to life.



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