…for the very simplest of reasons: #VoicetraxSF Guest Director NED LOTT made sure to PUT you there! The class was Thrown For A Loop: ADR with Ned Lott; and rather than just running you through looping exercises and calling it a day, Ned Zooms you to an honest-to-goodness ADR studio in Burbank, where you go through the actual, professional motions of looping and dialogue replacement. Students have told us they’ve gone from zero to feeling ready for a pro session; here’s one of the latest impressions of class…

“Hey Team VTSF,

Just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed my field trip last Friday with Producer Ned Lott and a few of my closest VTSF friends, to Black Ibex Studio in Burbank. Oh, did I mention that I never actually, physically left the Bay Area?

What a unique experience and opportunity to be able to participate in a mock production of some very popular projects and work with engineer Fred Oliveira, who does this day-in and day-out, and is right there in the heart of some the biggest production studios in the world.

As someone who is completely new to ADR and looping, and had no idea of what the process entailed, being coached by a vocal director who is as patient and kind as Ned, it was a joy and not at all intimidating or nerve-wracking as I had imagined the whole process would be. I shared with him and the class that I wanted to do ADR and looping every day! It was so much fun and a great way to combine my love of acting, music and working with others as a team.

Thank you so much for thinking outside-of-the-box to present experiences to all of us that are unique, fun and oh-so-topical and relevant to our future as voice actors. Voicetrax SF is The BEST!!” – Deb Fowler

Thanks, Deb! With our constant commitment to the cutting edge in VO training, that’s just the kind of experience we’re always looking to provide. And there are plenty more classes where that came from – find them and a lot more right here at www.voicetraxsf.com/classes!




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