A little benefit of being a ‘Traxer that pops up more often than not? As a student, you just never know when you might get roped into a little CASTING action! Take Veteran #VoicetraxSF Guest Director Sirenetta Leoni, who needed to book a talent for several hours of AI learning work (with all the $$$$ that comes from those several hours). Rather than going through hundreds of agency submissions, Sirenetta knew better than anybody where to turn to cast a group of qualified talent – and after a more concentrated group of top-quality auditions, we had a winner: MEGAN RATTO!


Have I been busy! Now that I have a second to breathe, I have some booking news! I recently got a gig working with Sirenetta doing some text-to-speech for AI learning and it’s an ongoing project. Boy have all of the home recording classes come in clutch! Because the audio is for AI learning, the noise floor needs to be as squeaky clean and mouth-noise-free as possible (the bane of my existence ), so when auditioning I did have to re-assess my space and make some minor changes. Luckily I knew exactly what to look out and listen for! The work itself is similar to ADR so I definitely feel like my critical listening muscle has been getting a workout . It really feels like I’m using everything Voicetrax has taught me all at once .

Anywho, I am so blessed to have this opportunity and it has been fantastic working with Sirenetta in a professional capacity. Thanks for the neverending support!

All my love,


CONGRATS, Megan! We assure you, this booking is just the first of MANY!

(…and what did we mean by casting news, “PART I”? You’ll just have to come back and see.)




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