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The Case of the Multiplying Job…


‘Traxer and Beloved Guest Director RONI GALLIMORE shares with us another anecdote on being easy to work with, and how people who work a lot work a lot because they work a lot!

“Mid December, I received an email from Nate saying that I was being check availed for a Schwab project that he had submitted my Narration demo for. (Thank you to Sirenetta & Chuck for producing such powerful tool. This is not the first time it has brought jobs my way.) Then just before New Years Nate confirmed it was a confirmed booking and that he would have details in January.

It started as one session with possibly 2 more to follow. The first session went great. Then a couple of days later, I received a call from Nate saying that the engineers I had worked with at Schwab had referred me to another part of Schwab working on a sister project. (Be nice to engineers, follow direct and be easy to work with – important lessons learned at Voicetrax) The second group wanted to check avail me for the following week. As is customary, session dates move and flexibility is key. When the primary project pushed the second session out by a week and released me for Friday…the second group jumped in to use that session time. Session on, session off & session back on.

Currently the project is expected to have 1 or 2 more sessions to record the rest of the 9 videos.

Such a great gift to know I would be starting the new year with a new client and a large project to work on. All thanks to Nate, Sirenetta, Chuck & of course Samantha.”

Congratulations, Roni!  And thanks for the extremely useful reminders about professionalism and flexibility!


WILL READ FOR FOOD, January 2017!

It’s WILL READ FOR FOOD WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT TIME! But first, we’re obliged to get some “You know we love you…” out of the way (sorry!):

First, deadlines are meaningless unless we mean it. There were strong performances knocked out of contention for missing the submission deadline. Second, mind the details – if you’re instructed to label in order of appearance, that’s how it needs to be or you might not even get heard. Third, you’re Voicetrax students and you’re not slating? C’mon guys! We didn’t think we needed to spell THAT out.

NOW, onto the finalists! We had some really good performances; the only problem was, none of the best ones seemed to be paired together. But the good ones were strong enough we felt that this ONE OCCASION justified a TEMPORARY suspension of judging based on ensemble performance, which is why we’re presenting an edit featuring two individual winners! Congratulations to these finalists for “VO”: KEITH HOUSTON, FAYE JAIME, JIM MCKENZIE, and TOM SAWYER; and to these finalists for “ANNCR”: RHIANNON BROGAN, JOHN GERATY, and CORY SCOTT!

Hear the winners in the following video…



‘Traxers In The Corporate Narrative…

san francisco chronicle

We now interrupt our regular VTSF Blog Programming for this special message from Da BOSS:

“Hi, Guys! Looks like it’s that time again – time to show you more PROOF POSITIVE that dreams + hard work = REALITY! As you follow the link below, I’d like to take this moment to say how tremendously proud I am of Chuck and Vicki for all their dedication and hard work! Vicki and Chuck are living examples of how a dream becomes real when you mix in the right amount of commitment and determination.

And since this is the first proof of 2017, why don’t we just call it ‘Exhibit 17A’? ‘Cause you can bet there will be plenty more ‘exhibits’ in the coming year! : )

Thanks, and I love you all…


SF Chronicle Corporate Video Narration Article



‘Traxers Meet For John Muir Health


Nothing beats meeting fellow ‘Traxers on a job, but one thing comes close – finding a sweet note on the script from the friendly ‘Traxer before you on the same project! JIM EDGAR left this little greeting for VICKI BAUM on a spot for John Muir Health, a radio campaign which will also feature ‘Traxer BRENDA McNABB! And how did Vicki feel about finding that note? “It took me a second to figure out what it was, but boy did it pump me up and make me proud! It was like a virtual Voicetrax fist-bump – must have worked, ‘cause I only needed two takes to give them what they wanted!” It’s just the kind of good will extending across the Voicetrax family all year long – and we wish you nothing less for you and yours this holiday season!

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