Welcome to the Voicetrax Student DemoBase!

We have conceived this directory as a special FREE-FOR-ALL service to help producers readily discover Voicetrax voice talent, by category! This is a completely free service for our Voicetrax family AND producers, designed to make it easy for great voice matches to happen.   It’s also a handy reference for anyone who’s curious to see where the bar starts for a competitive voice-over demo!

All students listed have followed our guidelines through training, and have produced their demos at Voicetrax (unless otherwise noted), so we’re ready to vouch for their professionalism.  If you’re interested in casting a voice-over project, just click below on the category best suited to your specifications, and then maybe try a few others close to it if you need.  Once you’ve decided on your actor(s), take note of the name and number, then contact us at


and we’ll send you the contact information as soon as possible!