About Voicetrax

Let your voice take you on a journey of a lifetime…
Founded in 1988 by Samantha Paris

Voicetrax is the largest and only voice-over academy of its kind in the nation

Voicetrax offers a rotating curriculum of more than 100 different voice-over classes, workshops and lectures – taught by Samantha Paris or one of her hand-selected, renowned Guest Directors, including top actors, producers, directors, talent agents, and casting directors from Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Voicetrax Community

What Separates Voicetrax
Voicetrax Offers

An inclusive, unique community that is known for its supportive culture and camaraderie.

Our students represent a wide variety of professions and backgrounds, and come from all over the country to take classes. A significant majority of our students become consistently working, professional voice actors.

New To Voicetrax?
Voicetrax Talent at Work

Our students and alumni have worked on tens of thousands of projects in the 33 year history of Voicetrax. These are but a few…

In addition to training individuals to become successful voice actors, Voicetrax also helps people become more effective and authentic in their own professional and personal lives. For example, Voicetrax students include attorneys who want to be more persuasive, sales people who want to connect better with their clients, and people who simply want to learn to express themselves more fully and clearly for their own personal reasons – whether to read a more engaging bedtime story to their children or overcome a lifetime of paralyzing shyness.

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