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Follow along through our 35-year history of helping people realize their dreams, as we build our digital time capsule...

Facebook – March 4, 2022:

ANOTHER WEEK, ANOTHER DOSE OF KNOWLEDGE: here now is a shiny new Inside Teacher Tip from PETER COYOTE (sorry we had to blow the surprise )! And just wait till you see it: Peter had to figure out how to get a very special acting technique to translate over a Zoom conference, and after pondering it, he came up with an answer that’s pure genius, making that specialized approach entirely accessible no matter what acting situation you’re in! Then again, we might expect this sort of ingenuity from Ken Burns’ go-to narrator, who’s had such a storied on-camera AND voice acting career! Have a look at the video below for a tip you can try out immediately on whatever script you might be working on. It’s Peter Coyote on Episode 9 of our Inside Teacher Tip series, a peek behind the thought processes of the most accomplished professionals in the voice-over industry! You can see it here or go to to see the other nine along with it!


Facebook – October 4, 2018

ALL-STAR ‘TRAXER ALUMNUS CRASHES THE PARTY! Little did the students of last weekend’s Glued To The Tube know that the guest director would call on an old ‘Traxer client for a visit! On-camera and voice actor MATTHEW MOY was all too happy to stop by on Sunday morning to share a few pearls of wisdom and show how they all traced right back to his training at Voicetrax! You may know Matt’s work as Lars on “Steven Universe”; you may even recognize him as Han Lee, the curmudgeonly restaurant owner from the “2 Broke Girls” TV series on CBS! But no matter how high he’s scaled the heights of success, Matt’s heart forever remains at Voicetrax. Don’t just take our word for it – watch the video to the right…

Facebook – May 13, 2016:

And now we present a little footage from DEVIN GLISCHINSKI, one of the 2015 LA Edition TOP Voices! As a TOP Voice winner, Devin got to spend a week at DPN – THE top voice-over agency Los Angeles. It’s a class/competition we’ve occasionally had once a year for auditioning with Los Angeles and San Francisco agencies – even a New York agency has been a part of this from time to time! And Devin was submitted for 8 out of 15 auditions – meaning he was FULLY COMPETITIVE with veteran LA voice actors more than fifty percent of the time! Devin tells us just how Voicetrax got him ready:

“My experience at DPN was great! I was so well prepared by Voicetrax that I just went in and had fun. I felt comfortable in the booth, working with other people and making choices because it’s what I do in every class. In short, I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity, glad that I was able to learn and grow and am now excited for what is ahead in the future. Hard work really does pay off!”

Congratulations, Devin! We couldn’t be more thrilled and proud – just be careful with that Niners gear…


Facebook – September 5, 2023:

CASTING NEWS, PART II: remember last week, when we told you about certain fringe benefits that come with studying at #VoicetraxSF – like the CASTING OPPORTUNITIES and BOOKINGS? We promised you a follow-up and here it is: Biologists Without Borders came to us with a very cute animatic featuring a couple of very cute characters and DON’CHA KNOW, after we sent the audition out to our most qualified students, it was booked by a couple of our very cutest: TED SMITH and EVAN WIDJAJA! And BOY, did Evan and Ted do us proud and then some: punctual, professional and prepared to go. They didn’t forget to have fun, either, so much so that our first-time directors from Biologists Without Borders had a blast, too!

We give you a peek at the process in the video, but don’t forget to check back in for the final product…

Facebook – September 1, 2023:

SAMANTHA PARIS AND HAROLD SOGARD ON THE COVER OF THE MARIN INDEPENDENT JOURNAL TODAY… or as we like to call it around here, “Friday”! The Independent Journal came along for the ride on a hybrid class led by Samantha, and we have to say, we admire their thoroughness in covering it. Journalist Giuseppe Ricapito gives such a nice account of the voice-over industry and the many factors making #VoicetraxSF your best option to train for it, that we’ll just leave the commentary to The I J for today. Click the image, read along, and see if there’s a nugget of voice-acting wisdom for you… 😊

Facebook – August 30, 2023:

CASTING NEWS, PART I: A little benefit of being a ‘Traxer that pops up more often than not? As a student, you just never know when you might get roped into a little CASTING action! Take Veteran #VoicetraxSF Guest Director Sirenetta Leoni, who needed to book a talent for several hours of AI learning work (with all the $$$$ that comes from those several hours). Rather than going through hundreds of agency submissions, Sirenetta knew better than anybody where to turn to cast a group of qualified talent – and after a more concentrated group of top-quality auditions, we had a winner: MEGAN RATTO!


Have I been busy! Now that I have a second to breathe, I have some booking news! I recently got a gig working with Sirenetta doing some text-to-speech for AI learning and it’s an ongoing project. Boy have all of the home recording classes come in clutch! Because the audio is for AI learning, the noise floor needs to be as squeaky clean and mouth-noise-free as possible (the bane of my existence ), so when auditioning I did have to re-assess my space and make some minor changes. Luckily I knew exactly what to look out and listen for! The work itself is similar to ADR so I definitely feel like my critical listening muscle has been getting a workout . It really feels like I’m using everything Voicetrax has taught me all at once .

Anywho, I am so blessed to have this opportunity and it has been fantastic working with Sirenetta in a professional capacity. Thanks for the neverending support!

All my love,


CONGRATS, Megan! We assure you, this booking is just the first of MANY!

(…and what did we mean by casting news, “PART I”? You’ll just have to come back and see.)

SWAAY – October 22, 2019:

At the time, Swaay invited Samantha to write on the waning art of conversation as driven by technology – and now, in this post-COVID age, her words have extra meaning…

Click on the image to see the article!

Facebook – October 13, 2017:

TODAY’S W-T-Friday SPECIAL: You’re always ONE DECISION away from reinventing your life… and sometimes, one decision can ultimately reinvent thousands of lives! On a fateful day in 1981, Samantha Paris and Thom Pinto met to play girlfriend and boyfriend on a booking – and they hit it off so well, they decided to take their pairing a little further than a recording session. And as you’ll see in the video, this decision set up a series of events leading straight to the Voicetrax we all know and love today, and to the countless personal reinventions resulting from its creation, which ultimately led to Samantha’s own reinvention (life’s a circle!) as an author, penning her soon-to-be-published, entertaining, and illuminating memoir, “Finding The Bunny”. All this history…

Facebook – July 25, 2016:

As we promised last week, we now present the latest in our ongoing series of cinematic mini-masterpieces: the DRAWING OF NAMES from Wednesday’s quiz on “The Secret Life Of Pets”! Sure, some of those shiftless Hollywood director-types call it a day after a mere trilogy – but for US, the genius never sleeps! Join us now for the correct answer to the quiz, and for the drawing of a lucky participant to win a FIFTY DOLLAR discount on a Voicetrax character class…

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