Inside Teacher Tips

Helpful tips and nuggets of wisdom from the TOP voice-over directors in the country!

Welcome to our new series, Inside Teacher Tips! This is an ongoing educational series designed to support you ‘Traxers and any other working professional voice actors out there wanting to hone your craft and, of course, BOOK JOBS! And who better to help further your careers than Voicetrax’s amazing roster of generous guest directors – amazing because they are of the highest of pedigree in the professional voice over world, and generous because they are willing to Pay It Forward and share their knowledge. So have a look at the videos below, and be sure to check in weekly for the next Inside Teacher Tip!

Episode 1: Thom Pinto

Episode 2: Dave Fennoy

Episode 3: Tasia Valenza

Episode 4: Kevin Cleland

Episode 5: Dan Gilvezan

Episode 6: Frank Coppola

Episode 7: Brian Sommer

Episode 8: Samantha Paris

Episode 9: Peter Coyote

Episode 10: Anna Mathias

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