Tasia Valenza

What’s in a name? Well if you should happen to associate Mickey Mouse and an army of self-sweeping brooms with TASIA VALENZA, that might be by design; “Tasia” actually comes from Disney’s Fantasia!  You might expect a child star to spring fully formed with such a name, and you wouldn’t be entirely wrong; Tasia found herself working at an ice cream store one day and booked for a major motion picture the next, all at a mere 15 years of age!  Pile on a role with All My Children and the near-immediate money and fame that came with it, and there’s no surprise it can all get a bit much at that age. So after taking some time to take some stock, it was time for a career reboot:  “Hi, my name is Tasia Valenza and I’d like you to represent me doing voiceovers. I’m an Emmy nominated Actress… I have a great voice and it seems easy.”  To Tasia’s great fortune, that agent gave her a business card – not for another agent, but for a voice-over coach, and she learned that yes, voice over was indeed a skill and craft very different from on camera, theatre or any other form of acting… and she loved it! After six years of doing both on camera and voiceover, it became clear Tasia’s heart (and voice!) belonged just to voiceover.  Tasia’s since cut across nearly any genre you can name – commercials, promos, trailers, narration, radio imaging – recently winning a Telly Award and an Emmy!  And she loves teaching such a wonderful craft at Voicetrax too.

See Tasia’s Inside Teacher Tip HERE

Website: www.tasiavalenza.com

A Few Minutes With Tasia Valenza


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