Kevin Cleland

He doesn’t just play a mean pinball.  When KEVIN CLELAND isn’t busy restoring old pinball machines, he’s winning professional league contests – 2nd in his division for 2019! Considering the 20-year sound engineering career he’s had, 17 of them as owner of Mai Tai Studios in Burbank, perhaps his pinball passion isn’t so surprising.  Kevin’s audio recording prowess saw him zinging and zagging across all VO genres – video games, audio books, ADR, and of course, mixing, finishing, and polishing so many of the demos we produce here at Voicetrax!  Kevin’s storied trajectory has included clients like Fisher Price, Verizon and the LA Zoo; and personalities like Blake Shelton, Adrienne Barbeau and Alex Trebec.  And considering he actually built the studio to service all these clients, he’s absolutely got your home setup covered no matter what challenges you might be facing!  So when you’re ready to hit those flippers and go full-tilt on your home studio, Kevin’s your man!

See Kevin’s Inside Teacher Tip HERE

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