Dan Gilvezan

With great power comes great responsibility… not that we’re trying to dazzle you with words of wisdom, it’s just something DAN GILVEZAN heard a lot on one of this first jobs in LA (Spider-Man & His Amazing Friends on NBC)! Dan really does go that far back, from Spider-Man­ through a memorable on-camera Jack In The Box campaign and episodic TV to video game titles like Transformers: Devastation, dancing and weaving all the while with this jealous mistress known as Show Business. But while she can be cruel, Show Business can also be seduced with a combination of talent, training, stick-to-itiveness and a pinch of luck – and Dan has wooed her for over forty years with that winning combination. As a voice-over pro, TV guest star, stage actor, screen personality and author, Dan has bucked the odds and carved out a place for himself in a challenging profession, all the while gaining a wealth of knowledge of the inner workings of the business of voice-over show. And lucky for us, he’s more than willing to share the secrets of that winning combination with you here at Voicetrax!

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Website: www.DanGilvezan.com

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