Brian Sommer

Let’s face it, heroes are boring. They have to follow the rules. Animated ‘good guys’ spend their time singing and dancing with furry creatures in the forest and are forgotten by the time the credits roll. Snooze! Now, on the other hand, the villains and smart-ass sidekicks are the ones we remember, the ones we quote, the ones that T-Shirts were made to be adorned with. And they are exactly what has built the career of Voicetrax Alum BRIAN SOMMER. Nearly 20 years and over 200 video game titles, Brian has brought vocal life to all manner of unique characters. From silly to sinister. Where can you hear his work? How about The Walking Dead, League of Legends, Diablo III, Elder Scrolls Online, The Wolf Among Us, Sam and Max, Tales of Monkey Island, Rambo, Assassins Creed, CSI, Vainglory, PJ Masks, Prey, Watchdogs II, Rift, and Disney Hidden Worlds. So if you are tired of dancing with squirrels and want to give your characters some character, Brian is the man to see!

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A Few Minutes With Brian Sommer

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