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Peter Coyote On Voicetrax:
Students From All Over The Country Taking Voicetrax Training On Line…
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“This is the best school in the country for people who are serious about becoming a voice actor. It offers a remarkably broad and deep curriculum, with classes covering all types of voice acting work and at all levels. The teachers are accomplished working professionals with a deep understanding of their craft and a passionate commitment to developing new talent. The students are a wonderfully eclectic mix of ages and backgrounds. The learning environment is serious but fun and collegial. I love it!"

Harold Sogard – Tiburon, California
"Where to begin with the laurels of this school! I have been a Voicetrax student for some 18 months, having started from ground zero with no acting training or experience. I am a "remote" student and live in the mountains of Wyoming. I've never once laid eyes on the school or my instructors. Since I started at about the time Covid hit, everything has been via Zoom. Now that physical classes have opened again, I might make the occasional trip to spend some face time but I plan to continue with Zoom. My training has been absolutely first class; indeed, possibly more effective because of the extra effort both instructors and students invest to ensure remote learning works. Because most paid VO work is now done from the home, the remote learning is an actual plus. It forces you to come up the curve quickly on audio recording and taking direction remotely. Thanks to a large stable of experienced engineers (many of whom are working VO actors) classes come off without a hitch. I tried remote classes with a couple other schools (one of which is world renown) and there was no comparison. Remote learning is a very tough nut to crack, but Samantha and the team have cracked the code. I have built friendships and camaraderie just the same as if I'd had physical classes. The Voicetrax curriculum is designed to take a person from blank slate, no experience all the way through instruction in how to get a demo done, land an agent, etc. You're not just sold a bunch of classes and then told, "ok, now you're an actor". The best testimony to the effectiveness of the program is the high percentage of students who go on to be paid VO actors. My background was a 35 year career in corporate finance. The acting environment was like another planet. Because of the quality of the instructors, the unique approach (deep end of the pool, no coddling) and Samantha's obsessive involvement, I've been exposed to highly concentrated doses of acting instruction that has positioned me on the cusp of auditioning for gigs. All of my instructors are professional, working actors. Several, such as Peter Coyote, Rob Paulsen and Townsend Coleman, are downright celebrity VO actors. That said, there is enormous bench strength to the faculty and breadth covering every sub-genre of voice-over. There is no comparable product offering."
Mark Roche – Jackson, Wyoming
"I live in Michigan and was introduced to Voicetrax SF by a YouTube video. I had no idea what to expect when I called them. Here I am over a year later and absolutely thrilled with my experience. There is no way I would be where I am at in my VO training without Voicetrax, and there is no way Voicetrax would be able to teach me without their online classes. The online class experience is completely legit. They are taught by the same high quality industry practicing professionals that teach the in person classes. I am learning the same real-world curriculum and time-tested methods as if I were sitting in class. My classmates are from all over the country. We see each other in the different classes and have formed some great friendships. It really is an awesome community!! Sam, Vicki, Chuck and Roni at Voicetrax do an amazing job!! It is personal to them. They are great mentors, teachers and encouragers. They expect you to work just as hard in the online classes as if you were in person. They want all of their students to succeed and know what it takes to get there. They have made the experience for students in different parts of the country easy, convenient, and just as impactful as if you were in person. Great job Voicetrax!!!"
Michael Martin – Grand Rapids, Michigan
"I live in Austin, Texas, and one of the few silver linings of this pandemic has been my ability to take classes with Voicetrax despite living nearly 2,000 miles away. I have a musical background, but beyond that I came to them with almost no acting experience. When I first signed up, I had no idea how much my life would change, but 13 months and many classes later, I’m shocked by how much I’ve grown as an actor. Voicetrax has helped me develop my artistry in ways I never imagined possible, and I feel more prepared than ever to take on this business. After every class, I leave feeling invigorated, inspired, and like I have learned something new about myself and what I want to accomplish in my career. The instructors are talented and knowledgeable, with tons of real world experience, and different methods of teaching that make each class unique. In addition to the great curriculum, everyone at Voicetrax is super supportive of one another. I love how much we're encouraged to take risks and push ourselves outside our comfort zones while also being cared for throughout the process. It's truly a special, enriching community that you won’t find anywhere else!"
Ilana Magill – Austin, Texas
"If you've ever had an inkling that you might want to get into voice acting, have always wanted to be a voice actor, or just want some help "finding your voice," Voicetrax is the place for you. As a Bay Area native, I was hesitant to dip my toes into the unknown waters of pursuing my longtime dream of becoming a voice actor, thinking I would have to blindly move to LA or NYC with no experience. A year and a half after starting classes at Voicetrax, I've already booked a gig (I'm now officially a paid voice actor!) and feel that I'm being well-equipped to dive headfirst into the world of voice-over. Rest assured, you will be taught by experienced, working voice actors, directors, agents, and other individuals who know the ins and outs of the industry and impart their knowledge to students with joy and efficacy. Aside from all the knowledge and experience I'm gaining from my classes at Voicetrax, it is also introducing me to the amazing community I've found with my fellow students. Without question, Voicetrax has irrevocably changed my life and I am grateful that I have such an amazing establishment so close to home! [EDIT]: I relocated to Oregon 6 months ago and the transition with Voicetrax has been seamless. Initially worried that I would have to forgo my classes or make the arduous journey South for an occasional weekend class, I've been so pleased to see that the move has not impacted my experience. The Voicetrax team initially handled the sudden everything-now-needs-to-be-online-because-of-COVID pivot beautifully and have made it possible for me to continue my education while now residing outside of the Bay Area. Voicetrax helped me assemble a home recording studio, which is increasingly valuable in the world of remote voice work. While their Sausalito location is beautiful, it's reassuring that whether near or far, Voicetrax has you covered!"
Cayden Berkmoyer – Portland, Oregon
"I'm new to VO and have only just started to chase my dream as a voice over actor, and so I decided to check out every school that the Bay had to offer. When I got to Voicetrax, I was nervous. I was just some shmuck with a BA in theater and not a real production to my name! Not only were the staff incredibly welcoming, but it was so professionally set up too! They know not everyone is an expert and in fact welcome mistakes here. Now the MAIN reason I chose this school over all others was that they also don't coddle you and they treat you as an individual. Each person will have their own path through this school carefully curated by the staff as they get to know you. LOVE THIS PLACE!"
Alvin Chow – Irvine, California
"I love VoiceTraxSF! If you're a voice actor looking for some solid training from instructors who know the VO industry very well, then look no further than VoiceTraxSF. The have an approach that just welcomes you with love, kindness and appreciation and gives you the skills and confidence you need to succeed in the VO industry. Go ahead, give them a won't be disappointed."
Jamie Cutler – White Lake, Michigan
"I started at Voicetrax at the beginning of 2021. I have been taking virtual classes with Voicetrax for over a year now, and the experience has been incredible! Like many others during the pandemic, I was working from home and trying to help my kids with zoom school. I had been watching lots of cartoons with the kiddos when there seemed to be no more board games to play, and the modeling clay was all dried out. I realized, with excitement, that these voices in the cartoons that I was watching were actors! And they were bringing the family so much joy! I wanted in! When I first started, I wasn't sure what to expect from the structure of the classes and my ability to participate in something that seemed so hands-on virtually. From the very first class, I felt like I was there! The experience forced me to pull from my imagination and unlock the creativity that had been dormant. I was pleased to find that working with the other actors was a seamless experience. We were able to do everything we would've been able to do in person. I had such a wonderful time in the beginning seminar and learned so much- I needed more! I followed up with several more classes and have been taking classes ever since. The experience of working with talented directors, agents, teachers, coaches, and other actors has been instrumental in the growth I've been able to achieve in my voice-over journey. There are invaluable resources you get access to, from scripts to coaching to real-world advice. I have also been able to take the course for home recording, and now with the team's help, my home studio is dialed in. I got feedback on my recording setup from top to bottom. I learned how to use the software needed to edit my recordings and ensure that those edits were appropriate for my intended use, despite being 520 miles away! I've learned so much about myself as an actress! I am so grateful for the encouragement and genuine constructive feedback that the team at Voicetrax has offered me. This experience seems to mirror that of my peers that have been primarily working at Voicetrax in person for years. I can't wait to continue this journey into the future and someday be able to be in person with these lovely people. Whenever I get the registration, it's comforting to know that every class is available to me regardless of the distance. So if you are even thinking about dipping your toe into the world of VO, there is no better place to start!"
Cait Estrada – Lakeside, California

“What’s really dropped my jaw is just how completely the Voicetrax class format carries right over online!  The breakout rooms are just like stepping outside to rehearse with your partner.  The classes feel just as engaging as when we are in-person. We actually get to watch our peers perform, rather than just hearing them.  And we’ve still got recording and playback – I would NEVER have expected that from a Zoom conference!  We can even get those recordings after class just like we did before COVID.  There really is ZERO lost in translation learning VO over Zoom.

I swear, all that’s missing are the high-fives, hugs, and Graziano’s food!  This online format is that good.”

Matt Slavin – Mill Valley, California
“What a great way to learn and participate in voiceover! Being able to see all the participants go through their exercises as if they were sitting right next to you. I think using Zoom opens up the experience and greatly enhances it. I am looking forward to the next class!”
Les Villanyi – Petaluma, California
"I have had the pleasure of working with the team at VoiceTrax SF for the last year and it has been amazing! I am shifting careers and they have the secret sauce and integrity to help people get on track with their goals. The team has a breadth and depth of experience to guide people with integrity and authenticity. I am so grateful for them all!"
Shelley Karpaty – Rancho Mirage, California
"There is nothing quite like Voicetrax! It's a highly specific voice acting school that's been around for over 30 years and has fantastic teachers, mentors, and connections all over the bay area and LA. This is a fantastic school to put your trust in to give you the education and real world experience you need to start a career in voice acting!"
Katherine Tole – Seattle, Washington
"Number 1 Place in the world to learn, Voice over, acting lessons. Learn how to set up your own recording studio. Owner is wonderful, and her instructors are the best at what they do. Highly recommend this place to start your acting, voice-over career."
Nick Cadena – Cathedral City, California
"My experience with Voicetrax has been brief so far, but it has helped me hone my voice acting skills in many ways. Everyone you meet is helpful; teachers and the MVPs; the engineers! These are all professionals who have been in the game long enough to really know their craft and who are happy to help you build yours. Lessons are structured in a way that helps you to understand voiceover from a varied perspective, rather than in a vacuum. I admit I was very nervous about taking a class at first. I'd taken classes on my home turf but found that it didn't help me as much as I would have hoped. Frustrated, I turned to alternatives because I wasn't improving and I couldn't understand why. Then I took, "Finding your voice." Samantha Paris really knows how to hook you for almost a day! The very first class showed exactly what Voicetrax proves time and time again; that they care about their students. This isn't just a class to get you to a demo and hop along; this is to make you an actor. The classes I've taken so far focus on the technique so, instead of winging it every time, a foundation builds for every spot. I highly recommend Voicetrax to anyone who will listen and have a Chicago branch would honestly be a dream come true. Thank you!"
Tenee Crockett – Schamburg, Illinois
“Can I just say WOW!!! about last Saturday’s Zoom class? Peter Coyote could not be a more generous, sincere and creative teacher. But his ability to come up with new ways to challenge us to “get out of our own way” in this new Zoom remote learning format was fantastic. The selfie exercise was just pure genius. He created a space for us to safely let go, be brave and play! And the afternoon session with (the LA agent) was amazing mostly because everyone was sooooo fantastic. I was really inspired by my fellow actors and their commitment and bravery. It was great to watch everyone be their best selves. And it was also nice to have (the LA Agent) kinda gushing about how good we were. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Voicetrax, for always creating such wonderful opportunities to grow and play in this crazy world of voice acting! I am truly grateful.”
Lara Asmundson – Alameda, California
“I really want to thank Voicetrax for converting these classes online during these hard times. I didn’t know what to expect given no classroom setting, but to my surprise it exceeded expectations. Class was so informative, and very interactive over Zoom. I left feeling encouraged and pumped for what's next!"
Veronica Dennys – San Ramon, California
“Hi Guys! Zoom is GREAT! It gives a different vantage point of view. You can see everyone’s face in the class the whole time, including the actors while they are performing. We don’t normally have that opportunity when onsite because the actor is in the booth. So instead of listening while staring at the back of someone’s head in class, we could see the facial expressions that the actors made while also seeing the expressions of all of the students at the same time. So awesome class! The set up and streaming were easy to use. The format worked great. Thanks so much.”
Kevin Busch – Alameda, California
“I was pleasantly surprised at how little the separation actually got in the way of things. Sam seemed absolutely comfortable being in the driver’s seat; I saw no difference between how she conducts her class in person and how she did it on Zoom. It was also fun to see people’s faces reacting to the performances, something that you don’t get to see in studio even with everyone physically there. I feel fortunate that this little community of ours can stay connected during this time and that we can push through to further our skills.”
Steve Fait – San Rafael, California
On Voicetrax Guest Directors
“Wow as Samantha would say! Unmasking Your Infinite Potential! with Peter Coyote this past weekend was a life-altering experience bringing spirituality through meditation to light within our acting profession. Peter’s techniques shared and learned regarding the value of the breath, being true to ourselves without self-judgment, and mindfulness, are some of the inspirational nuggets I will carry with me throughout my career. Thank you Voicetrax and Peter Coyote!”
Patti Gribow – Rancho Mirage, California
“Scott Parkin creates an atmosphere that makes it feel like you’re more at a party or casual gathering rather than a class… quite helpful for a class about “natural reads.” The most amazing thing about the class was the very next day I had another class in something seemingly unrelated (Chuck and Brian’s “Got Game”), and I was able to use something he taught IMMEDIATELY to make my character read that much better. It was the first time I’d learned something one day and used it the next. That guaranteed him a vote right there.”
Alex Drude – Mill Valley, California
“If I could have anyone’s job, it would be Ned Lott’s. Not because of the nuts and bolts necessarily or the perceived and real fame- but because of the opportunity to coach forth the best performances from each individual I came into contact with. I’ve never met anyone with such joy, optimism and playfulness while at the same moment able to hone in on the most minute detail that would take a performance to new heights. All the while, he’s encouraging each person and acknowledging their artistry whether full on Disney princess or any level in between. He knows that magic abounds and is open and determined to encouraging it to come forth.”
Lisa Star – Larkspur, California
“Townsend Coleman is one of the most giving and kind-hearted guest directors I’ve had the pleasure to be taught by. I always feel that he is extremely grateful for the success that he’s been blessed with and wants to share his knowledge with any student that comes his way.”
Doug Perryment – San Bruno, California
(The LA Animation Agent) is straightforward, honest and encourages you to perform at your highest level and take risks. She gives great advice about how to succeed and stay competitive in this business. And her classes are always fun.”
Rhiannon Brogan – Mill Valley, California
“Audiobooks are a genre that I love and have had some success at prior to taking his first class at VT.  Scott Brick is a HIGHLY accomplished audiobook narrator and was so genuinely open and generous about the work of audiobooks. I learned so much from him about both the acting/performance side and the practical/business of audiobook narration.”
Lara Asmundson – Alameda, California
“Jeannie Elias keeps acting simple! Her organic approach works perfectly for the inherently analytic mind … someone at risk of “analysis paralysis”. No rules. Just engage, relax, explore, and let the character come from a real place. She leaves me truly inspired and energized!”
Elaine Cardiel – San Jose, California
“Chopper Bernet’s class was incredibly influential. This was the first time I was able to connect with a character I initially had no idea about! This led me on a journey to become a better actor overall.”
Jonathan Lim – Fremont, California
On Voicetrax Community
"I just wanted to thank all of you at Voicetrax for the time, training and love you have given me on this incredible journey to finding my voice. There is still a long way to go, but this last week, with the amazing support I received from Vicki and Sam, I am starting to feel that I can really do this. There is still a LONG way for me to go, and SO much to learn, but it is no longer an unreachable goal. It is nice to feel good about myself and what I am doing! I see how everyone in my classes reacts and improves and encourages each other. This too, is part of the learning process that is encouraged at Voicetrax. It is truly a family environment. So, THANK YOU - for all you do."
Susan Sullivan – San Rafael, California
"This school changed my life! I can't recommend Voicetrax enough to anyone interested in voice over. Whether you're just starting out or looking to polish your skills, this is the place for you. My journey began years ago in the Coachella Valley when Samantha opened up her satellite campus, Voicetrax Desert Cities. The academy has an unparalleled roster of teachers covering every aspect of the voice-over world. Be it commercial, characters, narration, audio books, promos, or anything in-between Voicetrax has an instructor who can teach you what you need to know to succeed. But what really sets this school apart is the sense of family and community you have there. Samantha Paris and her staff do such a phenomenal job of creating a warm, comforting environment that makes classes fun, exciting, and some place you just can't wait to get back to. And when the pandemic hit and in person classes went on hold they didn't skip a beat at transitioning to an online learning format, great for a guy based Southern California who wants to be part! I owe all my past, present, and future voice-over success to Voicetrax and encourage anyone to even remotely interested in this field to check them out."
Wes Davis – Palm Springs, California
"This is a special place where you can grow professionally and personally. Sam is absolutely dogged in her resolve to help her students achieve on both those levels, and it truly comes from a place of love. To find an environment this challenging and supportive is what makes Voicetrax such a gem of an opportunity for anyone interested in acting, regardless of their previous experience (I began as a total novice). I couldn't be more grateful to Sam & the many wonderful instructors I've worked with there. The work ethic and the love is inspiring!"
David Gast – Rohnert Park, California
“For the bulk of my life I thought I was the only one who paid attention to who did the voices in the cartoons I grew up watching. It wasn’t until I attended my first class at Voicetrax that I learned I was very much not alone. I found my tribe here. And if there’s a more supportive environment for students anywhere, I’d sure like to know about it, because I dare say that I got more nurturing and encouragement from just a few classes here than in all my years of college. Anyone who has the dream of using their voice to tell a great story, whether in 15 seconds or the entire length of a book, needs to check out Voicetrax.”
Pat Foran – Eureka, California
"I'd like to share some good news, with so much gratitude to everyone at Voicetrax SF, and especially to the founder of this amazing academy, Samantha Paris. A couple of weeks ago I booked my first voice-over job, but I wanted to wait to make sure it wasn’t a one-time fluke before telling too many people. Well, I just booked another job, so I guess the first one wasn’t an anomaly! I had always hoped – but never let myself really believe -- that there could be a creative “third act” to my life and that I would find a way to return to my theatrical roots. But it’s one thing to hope for something and quite another to turn that hope into reality. It requires a LOT of hard work, dedication, perseverance, and the wisdom and encouragement of mentors and colleagues who believe in you, even when you don’t believe in yourself. I’ve learned that it’s never too late to pursue your dreams. This is what Voicetrax has given me, and I couldn’t be more grateful."
Elizabeth Waldman-Frazier – Highland Park, Illinois
Getting signed with an agent this week has been so emotional because there were so many times in the last three decades that I never thought I would get here... that I felt like a failure and thought I should give up. I’ve beat myself up constantly over the years for “not doing this sooner”, for “not working hard enough”, for “not being good enough”. And for the FIRST TIME…these tears are about a joy and pain that I cannot totally describe. I can barely even get through writing this right now, because I keep sobbing. 17 years ago, Sam believed in me and told me I could do this. I didn’t believe in myself. 6 years later, I came back but I couldn’t really keep up my studies at the time. Sam made me promise to come back – that she believed in me. 2.5 years ago, I came back. For good. I told Sam: this time it’s for real. And today it feels realer than real. Thank you to Sam, Vicki, Chuck, Roni and the entire Voicetrax family for being with me on this journey!! Time to get (more) shit done!! Thank you!! For all your love, support and encouragement!!”
Ning Recio – San Francisco, California
“Voicetrax is the best resource for anybody, in the Bay Area or beyond, who is trying to get into Voice Over/Voice Acting. Their interesting, insightful and super fun classes don’t JUST focus on the craft either! They actually teach you the business side of the industry to really fully prepare you to be a working voice actor. Plus, all of their teachers are working professionals in their particular field (and some are straight up legends!). I’ve spent the last 4 years taking classes at Voicetrax and I couldn’t be happier with the progress they have helped me make in my VO career. And as an added bonus I’ve formed a wonderful second family with my teachers and classmates. 20/10 would recommend!”
Matty McLaughlin – Pacifica, California
“Sam is a genius. Truly. But she doesn’t impose her ideas on you, she listens to what YOU want to do with your life and helps you find that path. Sam and the Voicetrax community have celebrated my progress with me…and perhaps even more importantly, in moments when I’ve needed someone to look me in the eye and say “You’re doing great. Look how far you’ve come. Don’t be discouraged.” They’ve been there for that too. Voicetrax is a top notch place to train as a voice actor, and it is an incredible community of amazing people. My life is so much better because I am here.”
Emiko Susilo – Albany, California
"I am so grateful that Voicetrax exists and that I get to be a part of it. The instructors are super supportive and each student receives personalized guidance from Sam and staff to steer them towards success. Voicetrax is very special indeed! If you are looking to study voice over, this is the place!"
Heather Fischer – Rohnert Park, California
“Well, it happened! Stars is representing me!!!! I really can’t thank all of you enough! Seriously. Your knowledge, support, and encouragement has been (and continues to be) invaluable. I was at such a transition in my life when I showed up here. I wasn’t quite sure what this next chapter would hold, or if it was even too late for me to start something new. I knew I didn’t want to go back to practicing law now that my kids had grown. I wanted to do something that I really loved, and I wasn’t sure what that would be. Thankfully, I have the ever enthusiastic, “You can do anything!,” Frank, who encouraged me to check this out. I remember being so afraid to get behind the mic, so unsure of myself. But, you have all created such a safe space to learn and grow that I got through it. I was hooked after my first class. All my love of acting came back to me (something I had ignored for many years while pursuing a career and raising a family). So, thank you for doing what you do, and for being wonderful people while you do it! Here’s to second acts (or, in my case third, or fourth?!)”
Lisa Williams – Livermore, California
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