Anna Mathias

Improv is a quicksilver art, at its best convincing you there’s NO WAY it wasn’t scripted. That’s how it was when ANNA MATHIAS performed in an improv troupe with the late Robin Williams, the audience SURE they had secret scripts – was it truly bottled lightning?  How could all that hilarity be “ad-libbed”? When you consider that Anna could hang with someone like “Mork” himself, it’s little surprise that she should win a Clio for an entirely improvised dialogue on a San Francisco Chronicle spot! Anna’s been around enough to see shows in Ljubljana, Slovenia, where they consider improv important enough to teach in high school; to cajole a Pixar feature film director she met on a Southwest flight into admitting, “if they don’t know how to improvise, I don’t want to see them”. THAT’S how important Improv is, and it’s why Anna’s always thrilled to help actors crack through the crusty mantle of self-judgment, fear, and over-“adulting”, to see what a rush taking a few risks really is! We couldn’t be more pleased to have this original Groundling with us.

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