Peter Coyote

He was Agent Keyes in ET: The Extraterrestrial! AGENT KEYES!  Besides Dee Wallace, PETER COYOTE was the only grown-up in that entire movie you weren’t itching to KILL!  Not such a bad guy in Erin Brokovitch or NCIS or a hundred other features, either – what more do you want?  Well there’s actually a LOT more when it comes to voice-over! How about being the national voice for dozens of television commercial campaigns like General Motors or Brita Water Filters? How about sight-reading hour upon hour of narration for Ken Burns going back decades now – The Vietnam War, The Dust Bowl, Prohibition, The National Parks, and an Emmy-winning turn on The Roosevelts: An Intimate History, to say nothing of a previous Emmy for narrating The Pacific Century and countless other projects. But even without all his accomplishments as an actor, writer, and practicing Zen Buddhist, Peter might still have a coaching technique that you’d need to experience to believe: harnessing the uncanny creativity that springs to life from gazing at your reflection from behind a mask, a technique that produces results so profound, Peter’s third book is all about it! It’s no surprise how such an exercise liberates you as a narrator, because it liberates you as an actor first – and we’re proud and privileged to offer that experience here!


A Few Minutes With Peter Coyote

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