MUST be another ‘Traxer!  For the past few years, GWYNETH PRICE PANOS has been wowing us with her focus and constant commitment in class.  So it’s not at all surprising to see this sort of dedication lead to a new personal milestone:

“Hey Voicetrax family,

I just wanted to let you all know that I’ve just signed with Stars! And to thank you so very much for the education, mentorship, networking (taking classes with some of the biggest names in the industry, what an amazing opportunity!) and most of all community I’ve gotten from you all over the last 3 years!

Taking virtual classes during lock down gave me a sense of community and a creative purpose that kept me going. I know so many theater folks who were going crazy not having a project to sink their teeth into or people to hang out with, but I had you!

I came to you with quite a bit of technical know-how under my belt (from stage, audiobooks and video production), BUT I never expected to improve as much as I did on just straight up acting. You all kept telling me to be more “conversational” and to stop “performing”. What the what?! Well, I still forget sometimes and go into the old habit of “faking it” but in general my ability to connect to the copy and with an imaginary scene partner has improved dramatically since taking classes as voicetrax. – I even auditioned for a play recently with the monologue I did in Let’s Make a Scene!

Anyway, thanks again! I look forward to continue learning through the audition process and to continue to sharpen my skills with classes in the future!!!”

-Gwyneth Price Panos

CONGRATULATIONS, Gwyneth! SO well-deserved, and we can’t wait to see your career take off – all you have to do is keep at what you’ve been doing!




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