Vicki Baum

“The skill level of the people I’m competing with is something I can’t control, but what I CAN control is how hard I work – and NOBODY is going to work harder than me”. So what kind of behavior does a life philosophy like that manifest? That you’re going to wait for opportunities to come to you? No, you’re going to go after them, starting from a paid casting website and then learning how to game that system to your best and smartest advantage. You’re going to take in what mentors tell you, learn to understand your strengths in an unflinching way and apply them strategically to maximize the impact of your already maximized efforts! That’s our narration guru (Apple, Google and Cisco, oh my!), our very own villainous “Storm Queen” from the global phenomenon Vainglory, Voicetrax Alum (but she still takes classes!) and honored as Voicetrax’s Top Teacher in 2020, VICKI BAUM. Vicki’s outlook and personal experience, including her decade-long tenure as an employee of Voicetrax,  have prompted her to create some of the most innovative and practical classes at Voicetrax. And when it comes to mentoring and sharing the wisdom of her experience, Vicki is one of the most passionate and generous directors we’ve got.

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