Carli Silver & Tina Morasco

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Just as surely as Bonnie finds her Clyde, whole whipped cream finds fresh strawberries and a fine India Pale Ale finds its nuts, some pairings are simply destiny.  Take CARLI SILVER, a dedicated student of acting who eventually found herself gravitating to being an agent in New York.  Right about the exact same time, TINA MORASCO was an agent in New York deciding to turn her career to acting in Los Angeles instead!  With us so far?  Fast forward five years, Carli finds herself Tina’s agent in LA.  Fast forward another five, and they’re working hand in hand at Sound And Fury Media, Inc. – just some little casting company with offices in Los Angeles, Austin, Chicago and New York – with clients such as Sony, HP, Jeep, Pepsi, Samsung, Reebok and General Mills, for a skim off the top!  Because both Carli and Tina come from both the acting and casting side of the business, they’ll give you an unusually in-depth look at what producers for major market, big-budget accounts are looking for – and, show you just how to deliver it all from an authentic actor’s perspective!  No “translating” for a non-actor’s notes here; with one foot planted firmly in the marketing aspect and the other in the acting side, both Carli and Tina bring a double-double threat to Voicetrax!


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