Last weekend, it was our distinct pleasure to welcome a new Guest Director to the Voicetrax fold: ANDREA TOYIAS, Senior Casting and Voice Director for BLIZZARD ENTERTAINMENT – purveyors of such globally recognized video game titles as World Of Warcraft and the Diablo series!  Andrea brought her supercharged energy and super-tuned preparation guides to this two-day intensive seminar – and we know when to step out and let the students do the talking:

“Andrea Toyias’s Wizzard of Blizzard class was a fantastic, fantasy-based, fun-filled, two-day course in not only video-game acting, but really acting of any kind. Andrea expects her performers to share their souls with her, and it was clear that she isn’t afraid to share hers as well. She showed herself to be a director possessing both great passion and great compassion in her work, and after taking her seminar/workshop, I can honestly say that You’ll Believe an Orc Can Cry. What else can I say? I came to class as a simple country boy, but I left as a warrior . . . and, uh, maybe as a blood elf and a couple varieties of monsters too. All in all, I give the course two big fangs up!” – Aron Parker

“Well, I have to say Andrea is a human dynamo – always moving and thinking, lots and lots and lots of energy.  She really opened my eyes (even wider) to what is expected of actors as they enter the world of video games.  Lots of intensity, emotion, super connection, leave nothing on the table, you have to bring it ALL.  And, as usual, it’s all about the ACTING!” – Greg Edmunds

“Andrea Toyias is a passionate teacher who comes prepared to share her vast knowledge and experience in the video world of Blizzard.  I loved that we had the time to dig in and perform, listen to actual game auditions, watch current games, watch actors in LA improv before recording, crawl, do battle w efforts and best of all be directed by a current casting & voice director from one of the best and largest gaming companies.  You won’t be bored! And her handouts are gems…organized and loaded with valuable tips so that we can all can continue to grow.  She walks the talk. Loved this class. Thank you Voicetrax for making it happen.”  – Susan Vlahos

“It was absolutely fantastic! Andrea’s super helpful printouts are going on my wall. She had tips I hadn’t heard of before, like listening to music as you act. Getting to see the behind-the-scenes footage of Blizzard’s voice actors was both moving and inspiring. It’s classes like this one that really reinforce what a warm and supportive community Voicetrax is–seeing how excited everyone was by each other’s work was really heartwarming.” – Jonathan Fortin

Isn’t it funny how seamlessly Andrea’s message blends right in with our main philosophy?  After all, she said explicitly, “it’s not about your voice, it’s about your ACTING”.  Those of you signed up for the March Wizzard Of Blizzard session have a LOT to look forward to!