The times may be challenging, but that hasn’t stopped some exciting news for ‘Traxer EMIKO SUSILO:

“Hello Dear Voicetrax Fam,

I wanted to share some news in the spirit of saying THANK YOU to this amazing place of learning and community of human beings.

It seems that I will be joining the roster of Aperture Talent in Los Angeles (what!?).

So many of you, teachers, Voicetrax Office Dream Team, fellow actors and of course Sam have encouraged me in so many ways. When I would get overthinky – you told me in different ways “Get over yourself.” Well, Vicki said those exact words.
That became a bit of a mantra for me. Get over it. Don’t feel sorry for yourself. Don’t fret. Just get into class, get into the booth, get into the script, get onto the submission page and DO IT.

At Stars and Aperture, I feel like a guppy swimming in a big pond, but I’m a guppy whispering ‘get over yourself, be a hard working guppy!” I’ve recently done a second Calm Sleep story, finished my fourth audiobook (Roni!), done a piece for the UN Environment Programme (what’s even happening), and been cast as a character (!) in two projects. Character has been one of my many ‘final frontiers’, but I hear Chuck say, “Emiko, I wouldn’t want you to leave here thinking – I could have gone further with that. So just…”

And get this…I engineered VO for my daughter (voice acting is apparently contagious?) and it’s going to be in a PS5 video game…so I’m an engineer for a real thing! (#JimEdgarGodofTech).

I’m also fortunate to have booked several eLearning projects!

Anyway, I’m sharing this because I am remembering how VERY frustrated I was exactly one year ago. Like really FRUSTRATED. Sometimes it feels like throwing pebbles into a black hole (I have ‘not heard back’ from sooo many agents and a gazillion auditions)…But…don’t give up if it’s your dream! I’m feeling grateful and know that I’ve only come this far because of the incredible support and resources of Voicetrax. It’s a hellish year in many ways, so if I can support anyone in any way, please let me know. Thanks to all of you who help others in your unique way every day. And Sam, you have changed my life, truly.”

WOW, Emiko, we are just blown away! We couldn’t be prouder of you – and if your future were any brighter, we’d have to wear shades.