Out of state, out of voice-over? No way! ‘Traxer KATHERINE TOLE shows how networking and a good sampler demo can be very helpful to your voice acting career when you have to move out of the area. Her note from The North:

“I’m a professional now! One lovely fall day in September I got a text from a friend of mine saying that her coworker in marketing needed some voiceover for a project and they really loved one of the spots on my commercial sampler (that Voicetrax made for me of course!). We had a short meeting to talk specs, I got to set my own rate, did the job with only one small retake and BAM! I was doing it!

Here we are a couple months later and I just finished my second job for the same client and have gotten a couple other small gigs from auditions off of Twitter!

So I guess I just wanted to beam happily at you all from up here in Seattle that I am making it happen.

It’s also a friendly reminder about the power of friend referrals and having people know what you do for a living!

Love from the north, Katherine Tole
A real voice actor :)”

Way to go, Katherine! The pond may be a little smaller, but your approach will make you a big fish in no time!