FROM THE NARRATION INSPIRATION FILES: the verdict is in, and our special “He Said/She Said” format – already proven in the commercial arena – works just as brilliantly for narration! Guest Director/Narration Guru VICKI BAUM put her ears together with Guest Director/Agent MATT BRUUN, and the results from both the performer’s angle and that of a talent representative were just as potent and incisive as you might expect! If this format sounds intriguing to you, there might just be more on the horizon… DON’T FORGET – Fall registration is just around the corner! Keep an eye out for your packet ’round the first of May.

Here’s what students of “He Said/She Said: Narration” had to say:

“Really enjoyed the class: the format, pace, content, etc. Great getting feedback from both a superstar VO talent and an agent from a top notch agency. Their critiques were very complementary, and I can’t think of an instance where either contradicted one another. If anything Vicki’s comments added more color and dimension to Matt’s and vice versa. The content covered a nice variety of scripts within the narration genre.” – Bruce Friedricks

“The He Said, She Said Narration class with Vicki and Matt was great! Vicki’s direction is always so good. If she points out where an improvement could be made, you find yourself completely hearing what she heard and agreeing with her direction. Matt’s comments on the scripts were similar, but he had input from the agent’s side. He would tell us what type of read actually booked the script and what the clients were really looking for. So it was interesting to hear it from the agency side as well. Great class!” – Cheryl Samarzich

“Class format is ideal: a working actor alternates with a working agency director – doesn’t get any more real-world than that. Plus, good mix of recording “home” work and live, in-class booth time! Thank you Vicki and Matt!” – Chris Ciaburro

class shot