DATELINE BEVERLY HILLS, CA: Turns out ‘Traxer JULIE HANCOCK had a pretty big week auditioning in LA for DPN, the top voice-over agency in the country! In fact, we got such exciting news from Julie’s trip that we can’t help sharing it with all of you!

So Julie –

Are you sitting down? You might want to.

Now as you may know, Sam went down to DPN for a visit and to get some audiobook segments from Jeff, Natanya and Juliet. And when she ran into Vince, yeah, guess who came up –

and NOT because SAM brought you up. VINCE did!

And not just because he was blown away, and thought you were “phenomenal” or a “superstar in the making”. He really loved what you did in that Honda audition, the flawless subtlety you used for that Texas accent – and he wasn’t the only one impressed.

You may not have booked it… but you DID make it all the way to the final selection. In the end it was between you and a DPN regular. That’s how close you got in your very first foray, and in Vince’s eyes, that’s BIG.




Sam’s traveling, but she wanted you to know as soon as possible. CONGRATULATIONS, and we all could not be prouder of you – Sam, most of all!

Samantha, Vicki, Roni & Chuck