From the DREAMS REALIZED files: ever since he started with Voicetrax, Greg Edmunds has imagined hearing his voice come out of a toy! And after years of training, auditioning, and hanging in there till the right project came along, it FINALLY HAPPENED: Greg is now a CRATE CREATURE! And it just goes to show what we’re constantly saying at Voicetrax: dreams plus hard work will eventually equal reality! Here’s Greg on his first encounter with his Crate Creature:

“OK, so this is definitely a VO Bucket List item. The video is me meeting the toy I voiced, for the first time.

I auditioned for this almost exactly a year ago…”Monster sounds” was the ask, no English, just laughing, eating, being annoyed, etc in a “monster voice”. Instead of deep dark growling, etc, I decided this guy was sneaky…so I gave him a sneaky voice. And now, a year later, he is out, one of four Crate Creatures on the market!”