FOR TODAY’S W-T-FRIDAY POST, it’s ‘Traxer SHANNON KEALEY spinnin’ us a little yarn, as it were:
“My, oh my, I do declare, I am ever so grateful to have taken Kim Mohne Hill’s Dialect Intervention class at #VoicetraxSF! I was dialect fearless as a child and teenager, but it’s a growth area for me now. I’d always been stronger at rhotic Southern dialects, and the non-rhotic drawl I began to develop in that class came in mighty handy when I received the audition for Larceny Bourbon from Stars.
Now, Heaven Hill Distillery is located in Kentucky, which these days has a rhotic dialect. But the character in this spot was from the turn of the century, and the specs called for a Scarlett O’Hara-esque read, so I did a little fact checkin’ to make sure there was a history of non-rhotic dialect in Kentucky (confirmed!) and mustered up a period non-rhotic dialect for the audition.
I was very proud of my work and, after submittin’ the audition, moved the file and script to my “audition review” folder in preparation for my next appointment with Samantha. (I’ve found it’s a sanity saver to get her input on whether an audition was bookable, even if they go a different direction! Feedback is so important.)
But before I could review it with Samantha, Nate got back to me with a check avail and the directed session was smooth and sweet as Karo syrup. I sorely wish I could share the finished product with you, but it will only be played at the Heaven Hill Visitor Center in Kentucky. I might just have to plan a road trip there after COVID is over – maybe y’all will join me!”
Well HUSH OUR MOUTHS, Shannon, you have us prouder than the canary that done ate the cat! And for all y’all who’ve also enjoyed Dialect Intervention, don’t forget the Level II class comin’ up yonder in the Fall… ????