LIFE’S THIRD ACT… doesn’t that dovetail so nicely with the Voicetrax maxim that “it’s never too late to start”?  If the intermission lights are blinking and you’re looking to start your third act (or your second or even your fourth act), it always helps to have a road map – and guess who the “Late Boomers” podcasters went to for her voice-over journey!  Here’s a fresh new take on the storied career of Voicetrax founder SAMANTHA PARIS, which might provide a little inspiration for a whole new creative enterprise in your third act!  Can talent be taught?  How much difference does a nice voice REALLY make?  What is the most important way to give your voice acting the edge to separate you from dozens of other highly competitive voice actors?  Hear the answers to those questions and more in the podcast linked below!  You’ll be entertained and informed, and who knows – no matter what act in life is on your mind, you may have a whole new outlook before the curtains go up!

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