YOU HEARD THE DEMO A FEW WEEKS BACK, and now, ‘Traxer LAURA QUIAMBAO’S continuing efforts and unrelenting positivity have secured her a shiny new place on the talent roster at STARS THE AGENCY! And as anyone might guess, Laura’s pretty thrilled:
???? ???? When you wish upon a star… ???? ???? (and put in a buncha work), you might just get signed by one! I’m so excited to share that I’m now represented by Stars talent agency.
I am so grateful to y’all—Samantha, Chuck, Vicki, Roni, and all the Voicetrax coaches. Thank you so much for your guidance, wisdom, and always cheering me on.
This is such a gigantic step I can hardly put it into words how thrilled I am. I still clearly remember that first “Find Your Voice” class and having no idea where the road ahead would lead but enjoying every minute and wanting more. Not going to lie, but winning a free private lesson with Sam in “To Paris and Back” for my shy-to-sexy noodle kept my tires pumped during the natural highs and lows of following one’s passion over the past years. And learning the nuances of balancing the art of letting go, having fun, getting into character, and the science of reigning it back in, analyzing copy and more has been so incredibly invaluable and it’s something I know I’ll be continuing to refine with y’all forever and ever and ever and ever and ever.
Also just a huge shout out to the #VoicetraxSF community you’ve fostered. Going to class and seeing familiar friendly faces, learning from my peers, connecting on Facebook, cheering on Voicetraxer’s accomplishments, and being cheered on in return makes an entire world of difference.
Hopefully, the good news keeps on coming on and it’s a long voice-over journey ahead! Again, just want to give a huge thank you for everything—I could go on forever but I’ll cut myself off ????.”
AWWW, you’re getting us in the FEELS, Laura! And we know the good news is gonna keep coming – again and again and
again and again!