MAKING A SCENE can be a GOOD THING: Thanks to all participants in Voicetrax’s continuing “Lets’ Make A Scene” series! FRANK COPPOLA ran the first class this year and it was so satisfying to see fresh new faces rising to the challenge. Frank’s mandate was exactly the same as ours overall: make everyone a better actor. And while it was tough to determine the students who made the most notable progress from start to finish, we can safely declare, mission accomplished for all of you!

Frank’s verdict is now in:

“Dear Cinthia, Cooper, John, Helen, Theresa, Andrew, David, Gabrielle, Susan, Lisa and Adam,

Working with all of you during our four weeks together has been an extremely rewarding experience for me – and I hope for you too.

As I said on our first night together, the progress you make in the class will be your best takeaway from LMAS. Every one of you made significant progress in building performance confidence, developing on-stage presence, developing a character, committing to a character, committing to tasks/intentions and unleashing emotions in front of an audience. And yes, learning all those #*$%+^# lines.

The four actors to go to the finals are: Susan Todd, Cooper Gelhaus, Theresa Knott and Lisa Williams.

Narrowing my decision down to four has been a challenge – you are all terrific and I enjoyed working with every one of you.

Build on what you learned and be fearless.”

Thanks once again to Frank for setting the table for ’19 so nicely, and congratulations to the finalists! And most importantly, thanks to all of you who participated in the pursuit of being better at your craft. Keep to that level of commitment, and your investment in yourself WILL pay off!