Our latest YA NEVER KNOW case study: the trials and triumphs of ‘Traxer/Director RONI GALLIMORE! As you might recall, Roni took top honors in the inaugural Let’s Make A Scene series, a new set of Voicetrax courses digging into the ACTING side of voice-acting – and it turns out Roni’s win is no accident! Once she decided she wanted to try something new and a little scary, she was relentless in pursuing it, bound and determined to make the top mark in this new scene study-focused competition. And of course, since we had an on-camera agent doing the judging, guess who that agent JUST SIGNED ON TO THE ON-CAMERA DEPARTMENT at STARS, THE AGENCY!

“The most important thing is to challenge myself and learn. When I started working on my monologue, I had no idea how important it would become to me. And it was freeing to just jump off the cliff with no expectation of reward – but here I am, with this amazing opportunity!”

CONGRATULATIONS, Roni! And thanks for once again proving points we never tire of making around here: people who work a LOT WORK a lot because they WORK A LOT! For those who have the discipline and determination, there’s really no such thing as a “pipe” dream.