From the Voicetrax DEMO UPDATE files: to keep yourself at your most marketable, it’s helpful to update your demo – especially if you’ve been using the same one for several years. Turns out that for our active students, updating demos is right up our alley! ‘Traxer DAVID GAST did a revamp with us, and here’s his story:

“It was definitely time for an updated commercial reel for me. After 6 years with a Bay Area agency, I thought it might be time I start fishing in other waters as well.

One of the great things about working with Sam & Chuck in this capacity is not only are you in great hands to begin with, but it also can be quite collaborative. This far down the road (11 years since my first VTRAX class) I appreciate and respect their opinions as much as ever, and certainly trust them… In both script choice and execution I felt very much in concert. We were relaxed, proficient, and having fun. I can’t imagine how many of these this duo have produced.

Sam’s direction is innate – you can hear her picturing how the pieces will sound both individually and more importantly, together. And I can never stress enough how her personal investment in her students is a key inspirational element. Sam means business, she was always does. And equally you always know how firmly she is in your corner, rooting for you to succeed from a such a loving place. I’ll never know how she does it.

Chuck’s technical expertise is a luxury – you know it will sound good. He’s got a million tricks, so if you don’t happen to quite hit the bullseye on a piece of copy, he makes it sound like you did (which is great IN THIS CONTEXT). Also so comforting to know the music and sound effects will keep things humming along just right.
So yes, the end result was predictable. I loved it! And will put it to good use!

Thank you Sammy!

Thank you Chuck!”

David Gast

Thank YOU, David! It was our pleasure, especially considering how well they turned out. To hear Dave’s new demos, just click the video link…