OOPS, THEY’VE DUNNE IT AGAIN! We get so many ‘Traxer bookings with Guest Director/Audio Tour Guru PETER DUNNE that we actually find ourselves trying to space them out a bit on our Facebook feed, and the time seems ripe for another piece of audio tour booking news! So the next time you’re at the Smithsonian in DC at the American History wing, and you hear a sleepy cat on one of the children’s audio tours, that’ll be none other than KEITH HOUSTON! The kitty himself takes it from here:

“Hi all, I booked my first audio narration tour through the great Peter Dunne, for the freakin’ Smithsonian Museum of American History! The best part is that it is for an interactive experience for pre-school aged kids, where I get to play a very friendly, and very sleepy, cat named Nip! I received direction from the client not to be ‘too Nickelodeon in delivery’, and ‘basically be Mr. Rogers as a small kitten’, which was the purr-fect direction that helped me nail the feel of the character. Too bad there isn’t video of me wandering around the recording room, talking in a small friendly voice to imaginary 5 year-olds in order to hone in on Nip. Getting booked for an audio tour was on my bucket list for VO jobs I really wanted, plus I got to work with the master Mr. Dunne, and I feel so blessed that it is my 3rd official job. Things can only go up from here!”

That’s right, Keith – just keep working at it the way you’re doing, and you’ll be ticking off that bucket list beyond your wildest dreams!