BREAKING from the “WOW, IT’S JUST LIKE VOICETRAX SAID IT WOULD BE!” files: some sweet, hard-earned payoff is now finding its way to ‘Traxer DIANA HAVEN! Diana’s always had a head for business and the persistence it takes to succeed – and now that she’s steered that same determination and discipline into her voice acting craft, her corporate narration bookings are picking up steam! The story of her latest work with LinkedIn:

“Super excited to share the news that LinkedIn brought me on board to narrate the video introducing the company’s Economic Graph for a conference presentation yesterday, plus their website!

This is the second gig I’ve landed with Stars this year. The first was narrating a virtual reality experience for CA Technologies. I didn’t get to see the final product, unfortunately, but I’m the voice people hear when they put on a Google Cardboard (virtual reality headset) that CA is sending their customers.

In both cases, I truly couldn’t have felt more prepared entering the studio, or working with engineers, producers and directors. Voicetrax really set me up for success, and I couldn’t be more grateful for what I’ve learned over the past three-and-a-half-years.

Thank you!�Cheers, Diana”

And thank you for reminder, Diana: people who work a lot WORK a lot because they work a LOT!