THERE’S NOTHING LIKE YOUR FIRST TIME: Much as we love sharing all the success stories sent to us by Voicetrax students, there are a few that are just extra-satisfying, where extra-hard work makes the reward extra-sweet! ‘Traxer JOHN GERATY has been hard at it with online casting sites, and now he’s scored his FIRST BOOKING! We’ll let John take it from here:

“Well, here’s one for the “Ya Neva, Neva Know” file.

So there I was, sifting through the Voices123 auditions as I am likely to do in between classes, when a brief little three-liner comes up. It was a part for a dad, talking to his kids and being interrupted by his wife. Well I had some time, so I threw two takes at it. My technique is to use Voices123 more as an exerciser tool to keep my chops up rather than having great expectations of being selected. Don’t get me wrong, I give it my all but geesh, you don’t even get a rating 3/4 of the time anyway. I submit the audition and walk away. What ever happens… happens.

Imagine my surprise when I get an email offering me the booking two days later. What!? This stuff works?! Wow, my first booking has arrived. Turns out, it’s an ad for The Home Depot, a Google product.

The recording time was just like deja vu. I have been here before! Lets see… where was that? Oh Yea! Class. The director asked for a few takes, ie “Three in a Row”, then a request to be understated – “Less is More”, and then, “Finding the Bunny” – understanding that the wife is mocking the way I say “google” in front of the children as the comedic line. I even had to throw my voice, a la “Taming Of The Mic”. Oh yea and it was all wild-lined… I’d venture to say the guy couldn’t tell it was my first time, and I wasn’t going to tell him!

I felt very prepared… thanks to VT et al.

Thanks you guys,


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