THROWN FOR A LOOP: you can always count on Guest Director NED LOTT to put on an immersive technical experience for a class, but he may have outdone himself with this one! ADR with Ned Lott: Thrown for a Loop has two Zoom conferences in one – three hours of exercises and prep with Ned in the morning, and then a remote “visit” to an actual ADR studio in Burbank! This was a comprehensive intro to the in-demand field of Automatic Dialogue Replacement, with an exact recreation of on-the-job circumstances; a LOT of fun was had, and some very important skills were learned…
“In one afternoon with Ned Lott, I went from being unsure about ADR to supreme confidence I could walk into an ADR session and handle my business!” – Vicki Baum
“Ned’s class was so much fun. I got to be a princess! No, wait, I got to be three princesses! Fred, the incredibly talented engineer, was great to work with.” – Amy Larson
“What a blast! Want to be part of a herd of Walruses? Voice a dastardly criminal and watch his lips move as you perform? Well, this class is the place for you! And I say “perform” because as with all voice acting, you must act to make the character come to life.
Ned Lott and his engineer, Fred, were amazing – a wonderful blend of professionalism and casualness. I loved the class and would recommend it to anyone.” – Bill Naylor
“What a great class it was today! Ned is always such an inspiring teacher ❤️ So much real world practice and insights and a lot of fun with a stellar group of actors!” – Julia Norton
Just another way #VoicetraxSF is keeping on the cutting edge of remote instruction for voice acting! Missed it? Fear not – if you’re really good, it MIGHT just come back around next term… 😊