FANCY THAT: booking a session at an actual recording studio! Believe it nor not, it still happens, and you don’t even need an agent – as ‘Traxer SARAH NORRIS found out much to her delight! Sarah’s one of the hardest-working students we’ve got at #VoicetraxSF, and here she shares her tale of a particularly sweet payoff:
“I completed my first in-studio recording session for Google today! I booked this very fun character gig earlier in the week, and I jumped at the chance to work in a studio other than my own at home. Remote gigs have been awesome during the pandemic, but stepping into other people’s production worlds is a different experience.
I went into the session excited to play and improvise, and I was confident with my script analysis done ahead of time *wink wink Samantha!* During and after the session, I got tremendous feedback from the creative team, and I was walking on clouds after the director ended the session by saying, ‘Where have you been all this time? I wish we knew you sooner for other projects.’ I’m crossing my fingers that I’ll make the big G a repeat client.
The entire Voicetrax family helped me feel at ease behind the mike, and I can’t wait to go into studios again. Thank you, thank you!”
We couldn’t be prouder and more delighted for your sake, Sarah! Just keep at it the way you’ve been doing, and there will be many, many more… 😊