WOULD YOU MAKE A SCENE?  Look what was up for grabs last Saturday: A $1,000 scholarship, a free 4-week workshop or weekend seminar, and a free private lesson with Samantha! All for the Finals of our 2022 Let’s Make A Scene series of classes! These monologue-intensive classes are dedicated to the proposition that making you a better actor is the surest way to making you a better VOICE-actor. EVERYONE in class demonstrated this principle, none better than our top three performers: SCOTT SNYDER (free private!), GWYNETH PRICE PANOS (a free 4-week or weekend class), and grand prize ‘Traxer LYNN DOUGLAS ($1000 scholarship!) What was that experience like?

“I just went for it and took in all the feedback from Sam and Peter Coyote to heart… and the rest is history, lol. I would like thank Peter, Sirenetta and Roni who endured it all. Sam’s support was pivotal to my journey and I can’t thank her enough. Thanks to all the VT competitors as well. It was such a delight to see everyone hone in on their monologues!” – Scott Snyder

“When I signed up for ‘Let’s Make a Scene’ my goal was to get to the finals, so in my head I was already a winner just being there. Winning 2nd place was the cherry on top! It’s always a joy to perform in front of an audience and it’s exciting to see the progress my peers have been making in their classes as well. I’m grateful for the opportunity.” – Gwyneth Price Panos

“Thank you Voicetrax for an incredible experience in Let’s Make A Scene. I only signed up because Sam put A LOT of dots next to the class. Never did I imagine the result that ensued.

After finally memorizing the script, it was time to understand the character. Peter Coyote and Sam really helped in that aspect giving me a back story that helped me connect to her. Then came blocking for the finals. Who knew walking and talking could be so difficult?! Thanks again to Sam for great direction in our private lesson together.

Then I had to put it all together, so I recorded myself a lot to see if I was looking into the camera, if I was always on screen, and if I was still truthful to the character. Since I was in the Vision Board class with Vicki, I also created a vision board for my character which helped remind me who I was and why I was saying the words in the monologue. Great timing and thanks Vicki!

And a big thanks to Roni and Sirenetta for a great class and experience last weekend. Both of you really made this experience special for me.

Most importantly, all the participants were incredibly supportive of each other, and it was such a safe place to perform. I learned more from my fellow voice-over actors that I could have ever imagined.” – Lynn Douglas

Congratulations to our winners, who would include not just our Top Three, but EVERYONE who participated – you’ve all become better actors, and better voice actors as a result!



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