WELL, WELL, WELL, did we say something about the POWER OF THREE? We might go on about how clever and prescient we were with that if we weren’t so modest, but our little prophecy paid off in a BIG way this last weekend! For the first time, we have THREE WINNERS in one of our TRIPLE THREAT SERIES classes: LAUREN KELLY, RHIANNON BROGAN, and VICKI BAUM! These are the three performers who were selected by all THREE Guest Directors – animation and video game luminaries TOWNSEND COLEMAN, DAVE FENNOY and BRIAN SOMMER – as the top performers in the Character Edition of Triple Threat, and they get a FREE private lesson with Samantha to celebrate! Today’s the day to celebrate this Voicetrax Triumfeminate, but after three decades of operation, cliffhangers are how we roll! So in THREE DAYS we’re rolling out the remaining qualifiers for the FREE FINALS round in August – all competing for the grand prize of THREE FREE CLASSES!

Triple Threat students graphic