THREE DAYS HAVE PASSED – and NOW, just in time to rescue your mouse from all that clicking to refresh your browser, we’re rounding out the roster for the TRIPLE THREAT FINALS on August 25! You may recall MICHAEL RANKINS, the Triple Threat nominated by all three Guest Directors from the Commercial Edition… RHIANNON BROGAN, the Narration Edition Triple Threat AND with LAUREN KELLY and VICKI BAUM, one of the “Threedom Fighters” from the Character Edition… all four of whom automatically advance to the Finals round! And now, because they were nominated by at least one or two directors, we bring you the rest of the TRIPLE THREAT FINALIST FIELD: MICHAEL BARNES, GREG EDMUNDS, KEITH HOUSTON, SCOTT KESSLER, NANCY MIDLIN, JULIE MOYLAN, SUSAN NORMAN, MICHAEL STECHER, and CYNTHIA WALLACE! These final 13 students, now in a fresh, level playing field, will compete in a free class taught by Samantha on August 25th where someone will be crowned the “2018 Triple Threat Winner!” And the prize? THREE FREE CLASSES in the up-coming 2019 season! It’s just one more way Voicetrax pays tribute to all you wonderful students for all your dedication and hard work. Hmm…what will our fortieth anniversary bring? Four free classes??? Guess you’ll really have to stay tuned!

TT Finalists graphic