PROJECT DECOMPRESSION: We thought our first-ever TOP Voice decompression lab would be a night to remember, but we’re STILL blown away by the heartfelt feedback we got! The participants didn’t make the Finals for TOP Voice LA Competition, but that didn’t stop them from showing up with just the right mindset – quintessentially GROWTH, not fixed! They were so open and eager to turn this “setback” into a learning experience to advance their skills for the next time – and THAT, Ladies & Gentlemen, is how you SUCCEED!

“The Decompression evening with Sam was very helpful and encouraging. She filled in a lot of the mystery surrounding our work vis a vis not being finalists. It was down to earth feedback to learn from. Very glad I went as her approach felt like a reward for the learning experience it was meant to be for 23 of us:)”
– Rebecca White

“I wanted to say what a wonderful idea and class we had last night with Samantha and other students. It was reassuring and eye opening last night. Hearing others speaking about their disappointment and soul-searching trials helped me in my own self doubts and needing uplift for my continuous journey as a voice over actress…

Even with a great audition or even a bad audition week, we ALL need to work on ourselves as voice over actors/actresses. We win some, we lose some. But this decompression class, we were all winners because we got the feedback we needed to better ourselves and lift each other up as one.

I hope there will be more of these classes in the future!!”
– Nicole Squires

“Thank you so much for your generous decompression lab, it was one of the most valuable evenings I have ever experienced at Voicetrax… I’ll be honest I was afraid that it was going to be one of Sammy’s tough love sessions, with lots of “What were you thinking”? … but instead you made it a magical evening, full of discussion, compassion, and yes, education! Listening back to our auditions with yours and our input was HUGE and getting us back into the recording booth GIGANTIC!

It’s nights like Tuesday night that make Voicetrax such a special place!!! and it all begins with you and your fabulous staff. Next, time around I think you might want to change the name from decompression lab to Sammy’s new Compassion Lab.
Thanks for getting me back into the booth. I feel the love.”
– Susan Vlahos