INSIDE THE VOICE ACTOR’S STUDIO: We’re still catching our collective breath from the latest voice acting luminary to grace us with her presence, wisdom, and teaching brilliance – Guest Director LORI ALAN! Lori’s interview was memorable even by the brilliant standards of our “Inside The Voice Actor’s Studio” guests, by turns poignant, insightful, and riotously funny. And ALL THAT ENERGY carried right over to Lori’s “Mistress Of All Trades” Lab the next day! And for those of you who missed it this time – might Lori return to teach another class? Tune in when the 2018 catalog drops at the end of next month to find out! Meantime, here’s what a few lucky students had to say about it:

“By getting rid of our inhibitions and fears by voicing them aloud, we were able to go into the booth relaxed and ready. What came next was nothing short of a series of self-discovery and fun by all involved! Clarity and hilarity together again at Voicetrax!” – Devin Glischinski

“Lori was amazing! She had everyone of us working at our best. I think of everything we did it was the experience of starting class by telling her what we felt we needed to work on and then ending it by getting feedback on our performances from a classmate and giving the same in return that felt enlightening. It’s often hardest to see in ourselves that which is so much easier to recognize in others. It was incredible to see everyone of us so open and receptive. I left feeling exhilarated and recharged. Thanks to Lori, my classmates & Voictrax!” – Roni Gallimore

“Lori was an absolute delight. Her openness and self awareness made her class a joy, not to mention her mad skills. I am now using her technique of talking myself into the copy and it really feels like I’m bringing more authenticity to the entire read. Can’t imagine anyone in the class not coming away with some new treasures.” – Jeff Schwartz