NINA’S GOT A BRAND-NEW BAG! Nearly 12,000 words of audio tour narration, you say? With a whole LOTTA French mixed in to boot? Not a problem! Just do like Guest Director PETER DUNNE did and call in ‘Traxer NINA GREELEY! The project was a Louis Vuitton Exhibition shown in Paris, France! And no, you don’t need to be a French Major for such a thing – you’ve just got to be a pro, like Nina:

“Well … the first word that comes to mind is ‘CHALLENGING’! In more words:

It was quite a marathon! The entire recording session took 7 1/2 hours over two days. In preparation, I not only did my usual out-loud rehearsing, but I also downloaded the French pronunciations onto my smart phone so I could listen to them and practice while I drove (French is NOT my forte!). I brought water, apples, hot Throat Coat tea, and lozenges to both sessions — all of which I used at one time or another — and man, was I tired at the end (I have a newfound respect for people who record audiobooks). Overall, it was fun and as audio tours always are, Informative. Working with with Peter is always a joy!”

We’ve always thought Nina had that certain “je ne sais quoi”, and this only proves it! CONGRATS, NINA!