IT’S DEMO TIME FOR ‘TRAXER LISA STAR! Lisa’s story is pretty unique; she’s actually had the skill set to do a demo since before the pandemic! But there are other factors that go into demo-readiness: are you psychologically ready to take on the whole auditioning process? And are you prepared to carve out the time in your life to go after voice-acting with the proper commitment? Lisa pondered these factors and even though she’s long had the skills, she decided to wait until she was absolutely confident in those other factors – and now, she has a fine full demo and this commercial minute to show for it!

“Hi lovely VT people! Sam, Chuck, Vicki and Roni!!

First, walking into the Voicetrax offices in Sausalito was epic. Roni and Chuck were at their desks and everything looked “normal”! I was so happy to be there and see them in person!

Then, I have to tell you that my time with Samantha and Chuck was truly amazing. Being directed by Sam was such a treat and a bonus teaching session. Sam, your excellent direction and ability to hear and retain takes from one to the next and pick out the best parts was really something to be part of. And Chuck, you were right there catching my takes and working with Sam to deliver whatever she needed to hear.

The session was over before I knew it. And I have so many takeaway lessons to hold close:

Watch out for repetitive vocal patterns – comfort zones with rhythms and tones resulting in everything sounding the same


Be mindful of sing-song – too many notes – distracting from the writer’s words / meaning

Find the Bunny! Where is the nugget the writer wants to emphasize.. play with or call out

Go bigger – let the director coach you if need be

Enjoy the process


I know that this is one level of completion leading to another beginning in the journey and the work. I wanted to take this moment and say thank you for all of the classes, love, support and encouragement.

Love, Lisa”

Love right back to you, Lisa – the payoff for your wisdom and patience is only just beginning!
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