Every #VoicetraxSF class is loaded top-to-bottom with practical voice acting knowledge, of course, but sometimes the benefits are pretty immediate! Take ‘Traxer JEN COSTILLO, who just went from zero to a booking after the VERY FIRST NIGHT of Booking Gigs 123!

“I have been on Voice123 for 1.5 years and have only booked free jobs. Naturally I was excited to take Booking Gigs 123 with Vicki Baum and figure out what I was doing wrong.

In the first class Vicki demystified the key stats on each invite that essentially determine the likelihood anyone will ever hear your audition as well as other important considerations if you book the job. In short, that first class added a new business-savvy skill to my toolbox and at 9:30pm when class finished, I was ready to take it for a spin!!!!

I quickly went through the 10-ish invites I had, applying my newly developed skill and decided to record just one item. I gave 3 takes and quickly edited it down to one to send over. By 10:10pm Monday night, I was downstairs playing with the cats.

Thursday morning, I woke up to an email saying I booked the job and they needed to get started today. Excited and panicked, I immediately emailed Voicetrax – Vicki and the rest of the Voicetrax team were quick to guide (and most definitely support) me to professionally and confidently deliver the track by Sunday night.

A wave of relief flew over me when they downloaded the invoice a few hours after they downloaded the final track. SQUEEEE!!!!”

Wouldn’t be the first time a #VoicetraxSF class has paid for itself, if we do say so ourselves. KEEP AT IT, Jen, and it might not be the last!



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