Featuring ‘Traxer LAURA QUIAMBAO! It’s an oft-repeated saying here at #VoicetraxSF: those who work a lot WORK a lot because they work a LOT, and Laura’s been the living embodiment of that principle:

“Hi Sam, Chuck, Vicki, and Roni!

Just finished my first booking with STARS and feelin’ fantastic!


The live-directed session went really smooth and it’s thanks to prep from Voicetrax classes. From being able to offer that variety with requested 2-3 takes on a line to having my internal metronome tuned in order to deliver a full read at different speeds. It’s all about getting those technical pieces down so I can focus on the best part—the acting. I’ve been practicing and honing in my energy and ‘less is more-ing’ for those types of reads, which I’ve been booking more of lately and feel great about.

Practicing reads in front of peers in class also makes it easier to deliver reads in front of a client. As I always like to remind myself—everyone is rooting for you and WANTS you to succeed.

Kinda fun side note on another booking — I connected with a client about a year ago. He does a lot of tech reads too. I’ve done consistent work with him and he knows my background is in copywriting. His usual copywriter was out of town so he reached out, I was able to write the script, my client trusted me to take a call with his client to edit the script, then I recorded it. And I got paid for each of those pieces of work! Just a cool little side story on something I’ve been able to add value to clients within a few of my bookings recently (helping them adjust copy when appropriate like mistranslations etc).

Wanted to say a quick thank you to the whole Voicetrax family for the continued love, support, and can’t wait for my next class (and to one day be back in person).”

Bookings after multi-tasked bookings are impressive enough, but all while taking care of a newborn baby?? Consider our jaws duly dropped. Laura, your Voicetrax family couldn’t be prouder of you, happier for you, and honestly… amazed!



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