SURPRISE HEADLINE OF THE DAY: perspiration, persistence, and most of all PATIENCE have (once again) paid off! ‘Traxer MICHAEL BARNES is now enjoying the first fruit of his carefully cultivated preparation as a voice actor:

“So, I just recorded my very first paid voiceover session! It was a direct booking Nate got me by submitting my demo, and it was a radio commercial dialogue script for a hardware company. Pretty typical; husband and wife conversational. It was hard because there isn’t a lot of feedback, but it only took 25 minutes to record, and they didn’t kick me out….so we’re assuming they got wanted they wanted!

Thankfully I had the Voicetrax experience in my head the whole time keeping me calm – or at least playing the part of the cool, calm, experienced voice actor (that’s why it’s acting)!!

The thing that happened that really made me think about Voicetrax is when the director asked me for three in a row on one line. I know I needed something fast, and thankfully the training kicked in to help.

Again, thank you all for your help and guidance over the years. Today was a long time in the making, but I knew it would happen eventually! Thank you all, love you all, and the best is yet to come!”

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of hard work, but not so much about trusting the process – and that’s what Michael exemplifies! He simply remained steadfast and dedicated to his training, knowing that if he refused to give up, his moment WOULD COME. At no point did he chafe or try to push things before he was ready, but instead he waited till Sam gave him the green light and produced his demo.

Lo and behold, that moment is now here! Congratulations, Michael! And we couldn’t be prouder and happier about your success.