Running The 500!

Time now to announce the FINALISTS of the latest VOICETRAX 500 Class and Competition! SELF-DIRECTION is not only crucial to voice-over auditioning, it’s also one of the surest ways to get a measure of just where you are in your training, by competitive standards. That’s what makes signing up for a home auditioning class/competition like the Voicetrax 500 such a gutsy move! It’s the ideal challenge to students who aren’t quite working pros yet – and the carrot at the end of it all is a $500 credit to apply to future classes! Here now are the FINALISTS, who did it all by themselves from their home recording studios: KENNY ALLEN, LAZLO BEAUREGARD, ANDY BLUESTEIN, LC BOROS, PAT FORAN, STUART GOVE, JONATHAN LIM, BILL NAYLOR, HEATHER OROSCO, ALEXIS SALDIVAR, STEPHANIE SHMUNES, KRYSTYNA SRODULSKI, MICHAEL STECHER, and EMIKO SUSILO! Thanks to all who participated, and stay tuned for next month’s announcement of the GRAND PRIZE WINNER…

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