OUR FIRST INSTALLMENT PAID FORWARD! A bit of Voicetrax history was made last night as we hosted a group ranging from a student just days out of the Beginning Seminar up through working professionals for some lively new Voicetrax Community connections! There was a TON of fun to be had and some very fine work by all – just have a look at the pics and read on to see what we meant by “surprises”. And many thanks to the participants of our Inaugural Pay It Forward Parlour for making it such a success!

“A big thank you to everyone (I know many had a hand in it) involved in creating the “Pay it Forward Parlour.” I really enjoyed EVERYTHING about it. New people with great suggestions/comments, great Engineer (all aspects), great food (thank you Graziano & Sam) and always a warm, caring atmosphere fostered by all but especially by Vicki tonight. Thank you again!” – Leslie Pringle

“Hi, Chuck – THANK YOU for a really valuable experience last night. You — and my fellow Traxers in attendance — made the 1st Parlour a huge hit.

I appreciate how generous you were with your guidance and expertise – with each of us. (As per usual!) I benefited greatly from your feedback – to me as well as to the others. And the opportunity to tune up my directing skills (again, with your guidance) was just the icing on the fabulous focaccia!

(I almost hope that the word doesn’t get out that this series is an awesome gift to Voicetraxers.)

It was another reminder of how fortunate I am to be part of the Voicetrax community.” – Drew Lea

“Million billion thanks, Chuck! It was such a pleasure doing that format with everyone, dipping my toes back in after so long, and especially fantastic having you there az Engineer.

Great vibes all around! See ya sooner, I hope…

AND O so good to see Sam and Vicki too all in one magic eve – my heart about burst.” – Greta Turken