ANOTHER SPECTACULAR CLASS DEBUT: “Women Only” classes are something special at Voicetrax – kinda like the “Men Only” classes, but without all the macho bullshit! We are SO beyond thrilled to add Emmy-nominated TASIA VALENZA to our roster of Top-Caliber Guest Directors, and it turns out she and this format are PERFECT for each other. Here’s what this weekend’s students of “Invitational Women Only: FAN-TASIA!” had to say:

Roni Gallimore:

“I always expect that a women’s only class is going to be nurturing and enlightening…because they always have been. This class was all that, but it was also SO MUCH MORE! I could go on for hours talking about all the exercises and Tasia’s amazing generosity of spirit and wisdom. Instead, I am going to focus on the one thing that jumped out to me the most. Tasia presented us with a simple exercise to fill in a page of bubbles with personality identifiers we see in ourselves. We all did that. What was amazing was that as each woman shared her bubbles ladies began to add bubbles for things they heard that they hadn’t written about themselves initially. What that says to me is that each of us is so much more than we give ourselves credit for. The more I can stay connected to all the facets this revealed the better my acting and life will be.”

Leni Mostaghim:

“I loved the workshop. I was so moved by everyone’s integrity and support! Tasia so perfectly encouraged both humor as well as deep wisdom. Her grounded teaching offered a strong platform for us as artists, as well as women, to re-wire ourselves and bring some of our deeper & more personal gifts into direct relationship with our own abilities to create. I loved the bubbles so much! I keep adding to mine. I’ve already started to ask which one of my “bubbles” might help me in various situations.”

Bridget Maguire-Colton:

“Spending the weekend with Tasia was amazing. By opening with asking us to list all the roles we play in our everyday lives, I realized that I don’t have to dig quite so far outside of who I am when creating a character for a script. Having a class with all women gave me the feeling of being entirely loved and supported by amazing women, sisters, which freed me up to take risks I might not have taken otherwise. I can’t wait to take these skills into my next recording session!”

Lori Kershner-Wine:

“Such a great high energy class! So many takeaways-from bringing roles from your everyday life to your reads, to meditation/affirmations, to a different take on physicality (putting my body in a weird position to achieve a weird, quirky read). And who can forget the epic dancing to “It’s Raining Men” to shake off the post lunch food coma? Let’s do it all again and soon!!”

Mary Jo Ip:
“In one word, it would be “well-balanced”. Tasia was committed and dedicated to helping us improve. You could see the wheels turning in her head to come up with the right words of direction, and she succeeded. At the same time, she was down-to-earth and fun. My favorite memory was simply the way she loosened us up after lunch — by dancing around crazily to the tune of “It’s Raining Men”! (get the irony — women only class!!)
I would take another class from her!”

Why, funny you should say that, Mary Jo – Tasia has another class coming up in June called “Off The Page”, and boy are those students in for a treat! And WHO KNOWS what might happen with Tasia in the Fall, *nudge-nudge-wink-wink* – guess you’ll have to keep an eye out for the catalog around May 1st to see!

Tasia & group