NO degrees of separation…

From the NO DEGREES OF SEPARATION File: ‘Traxers always seem to be bumping into each other at gigs all over, and JULIE HANCOCK and TOM SAWYER are the latest to experience this increasingly common phenomenon!  When a call came into the office requesting someone with a comedy background to narrate an interactive series for COOK’S PANTRY, Tom was the obvious choice! And when that same project sought out a hip, young lady, Tom told a classmate – Julie! The very same Julie who just made her own score, right out of the Booking Gigs 123 class for EQUIVVY TRANSPORTATION on Voice! Julie had these insights about the Equivvy job:

“I remember in my Voice-Over Angel class, Guest Director Thom Pinto said to make the company representatives accountable in the session – and I don’t know how, but that came to me when I was in session and the rep was talking to the director to tell me to do things, even though we were all on the phone together. So I asked her directly if X was the direction she was thinking of and I felt like it created a much more open space where everyone was more involved in the final product and not shy about sharing ideas!”

We wonder how long it’ll be until Julie’s in something with the one lady, who was in that thing with the dude, who was in that show with Kevin Bacon…

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