FROM THE CLASSROOM STRAIGHT TO BOOKINGS: as easy as 1-2-3! While we have to stop shy of guaranteeing results on paid casting sites like, having a class under your belt like Booking Gigs 123 sure seems to help! Guest Director Vicki Baum is a 123 VET, and from her years of experience, she’s figured out all the ins and outs on the best use of your time on paid voice casting sites! Just ask ‘Traxers ARI SIGAL and FAYE JAIME – who booked their jobs immediately after finishing Vicki’s class!

“After a while of feeling really unsure with Voice123 and how it was going for me there, I just booked my first gig off of it — and within weeks of finishing the Booking Gigs 123 class! I really think that class helped give me the confidence to choose the right auditions and feel more comfortable in general with the process. It was a short, very real-sounding VO for a safe driving PSA playing a teenage daughter. I was able to record the whole thing from home. They wanted a few takes to choose from, so I got to implement all that great three-in-a-row training, and I got it to them within a day! All in all it was a super quick, great experience and I was so happy to have all my Voicetrax training to get me there and to help me feel more confident every step of the way.


“It was a Pandora/ Wellness Natural Cat Food . 30 sec spot. I auditioned for it on Voice 123…

What did I learn at Voicetrax that helped me with the job? Well a short answer is EVERYTHING… But really, specifically the self-direction that I’ve learned and continue to learn is key. What has really been helping me lately is the direction we give each other in class because it allows me to step outside of the booth and focus on what really needs to happen in the read from a director’s perspective. Also during my recording session I got stuck on one line that I just couldn’t read the way they were telling me to, and it took a lot of takes to get it right. I had to get out of my head and let go to be able to read it in a different way. That is something I took from the session that I would like to continue to work on…

This was definitely a great learning experience and a big confidence boost as well as a reminder of things I still have to work on, but I also felt prepared in so many ways thanks to all the classes and the amazing teachers I’m lucky to learn from at Voicetrax.

Thank you!